Hello FULL MOON! We LOVE when you go full in Sagittarius and get us really thinking about what we want to bring into our lives that will ground us into a new reality that helps us grow into spaces that FEEL like they will delight. We are noticing a big shift around this day where something reveals that we were not expecting. It is to feel like bumping into someone or connecting into what you have been looking for that you didn’t really know you were looking for. It can be where we step into experiences that take us to another view on life that we weren’t expecting. For this reason, you are to stay glass half full as you see your dreams coming into place and hope with all you got that it will work out. You are to be taking a leap of faith at this time that does not have anything proving you will be a success with what you dream happening – BUT that it not to stop you from making this change. You are NOT going to have all the answers right now and you instead are to just FEEL like this is for you and there will be something to hold you when the dust settles, and some deadline finally arrives. EVERY ONE OF YOU needs to be looking into a mysterious space but to feel like this is where you need to come out of the shadows and do something. It can be relating to your souls’ purpose or some new position that will show you another side to life. There is more for you and now you got to co-create with the Great Mystery and magnetize something that you have not yet seen. You have to conjure this magic out of thin air and see off into the horizon for SOMETHING to be there that will be what you have been dreaming for. It’s time to move into a new scene and today is great day to pack that vehicle, to hit the road and to expect that some answers will finally arrive to lighten your load and give you renewed faith in what next can be. Celebrate the movement and change of view from this energy and trust that where you land is where you need to be.

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