JUNE 13 | Monday

We are moving into a Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow and you will feel the pressure! But for most of you, this pressure is a wake up call that is finally getting you to see for another side and to not be giving so much attention to something that you have been needing to let go of. It's when we are finally starting to leave the old town and align with something that feels exciting and new. You may even feel like your senses are coming alive and you are more in tune to what feels good in your processing body. Like, yes feels different than no, but we have to work hard at understanding what those feelings are – BECAUSE we are so detached and programmed to stay in the mind on things. The mind has been taken on a wild carpet ride and now MOST OF YOU are waking up and seeing how conned you were to fall into what money paid to BE THERE for you to see. If you were driving down the highway and billboards were one after the other with menu pics from this restaurant up ahead, you would LIKELY stop and eat at the place. What we see and see and see some more, is what we believe in and gun it towards. So, wake up and smell the money because your heart is getting louder and seeing clearer and this IS going to have you taking a really big leap of faith. It's time to jump into the new, my loves! Let go and fly free. You WILL be supported by what you land into.


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