JUNE 12 | Sunday

Holy wow! We start the day in the same way! POWERFUL THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE. And the scale from amazing to horrendous will be experienced. We are seeing what we need to see – but for some, the pain can feel like this is the worst thing and it’s so hard to face the memories you are seeing or the ways you keep thinking you are getting it all wrong. Understand that our minds can be programmed, and THEY ARE. So it takes decades to really uncover our truth and to see how WE really feel about things – and not how those in power manipulate us through money and media and strong forces in staying in line and abiding by your elders. The old world wants you questioning NOTHING and just staying in the seat and agreeing to whatever they feed you. Most people are sitting there and eating it up – BUT NOT YOU. You are too strong for the foolery, and this moment now is the test to get you letting go of all the old shit and not even allowing it to be a part of what you take on anymore. So, draw your boundaries clear and don’t back down from what needs you standing ground. Your throat needs to express itself. Don’t judge how that may look to others.


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