JULY 9 | Saturday

Okay then. It appears that something has come as a sting, and it is continuing to get us to talk and focus on what REALLY needs a new solution! Just know, nothing is broken beyond repair, but something is really showing us how a change in the future MUST take place in order to get things back into balance and into a harmonious state. Things are leaning in one direction, but they won't always be! It's important that you face the heavy view with an eye for how it CAN be put back into a position that is for the people and for the general consensus.

We are to even look at situations of drought and to KNOW that rains will come again, that this is just a cycle -- and that NOTHING AT ALL in life stays the same. The only things that stay are the chemical created plastics and toxins. Otherwise, all of life is in constant motion towards moving through the steps of unique processes. You cannot freeze time and you can't stop the aging of living things.

And often things will look in decay, but they are still going to grow into something new in the future. The transformation process breaks things down to break them into something more useful in the future. So even if things feel darker than normal, it's important that you are focusing your attention on trusting that THIS is here today, but it won't be here in the future. Something that has fallen out of order is GOING to be corrected through how we all now know we need to be serious about something and not just allowing it to be in the shadows and do its thing. We may have lost our trust, but it really is about us now just creating a stronger boundary. Now we know – and we have to move on from that knowledge. Keep growing for the better and transmute the darkness into something that moves things forward into a more loving view.

You can expect that people are either bringing you fears that make you think you are limited and they dominate you OR they are coming from an irrational point of view that goes at a bias to what you believe. Draw your boundaries and DO NOT ENGAGE. Let this go because you don’t got time for shade. And if you join in their energetic cesspool, it will pull you down for several days. This energy is contagious, and it really needs you valuing your space EVEN IF you feel the need to put someone in their place. Just don’t go there today. Honor your vibration and go towards what sings of glass half full solutions. Together, in higher vibes, we stop the madness. Together, in low vibes, we stay in the old world creations where hate is the desired state. Wake up my love, you deserve what makes you feel great – and NOT what makes you want to fight and divide. See for a new view and make it one where solutions naturally rise to meet the demand for it to be.


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