JULY 8 | Friday

Oh sweet loves! Things just went another level DOWN where we now have to face something coming to the surface that gets us all talking about where we were in denial and not wanting to see what was hidden out of clear sight. This is kind of like how you wouldn’t think some people would cross certain boundaries, but they ARE now, and we are shocked at how much it brings up feelings where we want to war with others. Violations are occurring and they create the stages of guilt where we express many things and most likely not what we expected from ourselves. Things are getting us to stand up because they are showing how low and not of love they really are.

Expect to feel like you need to speak up and be very clear about what you NOW think of as unacceptable. After you watch the documentary, Who We Are: The Chronicle of Racism in America, you learn what the lecturer said, which were things he didn’t even know. That movie was the answer to me on something I didn’t understand before and it was that perfect dose of magic to really wake you up to how mainstream and programmed racism is.

When you see how they WANT you to be – you can't not see that low vibrations want you to be low vibrations like them too! Keeping it real, to think that we could judge upon skin color, in a world where the Great Mystery created the smallest details of structure that have the trees all knowing when it's time to change colors or to shed the external work of the year. On a planet with all the diversity of animals and creatures and the wild and wonderous ways that they are, HOW could we ever be one skin color and think less than of another skin color? How could our brains even buy into thinking skin color determines worth in this lifetime?

Oh how, you ask? THROUGH dominating forces using money to dominate your view. They want you sitting in the gutter and spinning out your wheels as they inundate you with visions of all the ways they want you to be low vibe and full of hate. They want you blaming others for all your pain and staying fixated into pounding away.

And what they DON’T WANT is you rising above and getting out of projecting all your pain and growing from what hurts you the most IN ORDER to get to a higher view of life where you aren’t so trigger focused into how other things are trying to hurt your potential. They don’t want you out of the pit; they want you stuck in their dark fears and evil visions for how everyone else is in the way of the life you SHOULD be living. Through division, secret passageways allow darker motives to be what we don’t see. Through division, even more hurt takes place. It's a distraction job that allows poisonous waters to go into the fields.

And today, something awakens us to the point we now know we won't stay in the shadows and in the brain washing of what is NOT how our evolving souls collectively feel. We change patterns and habits that were deeply grooved BECAUSE of what now has light shined on it that shows us there are new boundaries to make clear. Speak up. Stand proud. And don’t give in to what you know is the right thing to do – EVEN IF you just learned it is the right thing to do. Where passion rises, your enterprising spirit is to help create a better view.


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