JULY 5 | Tuesday

Oh wow! Today really feels like it goes deeper on what we talked about in yesterday’s energy. It's about seeing through the illusion THROUGH making new intentions about going towards what speaks in terms of glass half full. Enough of the hate brigades and all the people expressing through venom as they look out at what they feel is wrong. You have to be the better thing in order to see life move into better position. You can't be what is deplorable about a situation and expect it to be anything but the same.

You may feel super confused today as you seek for some answer but are seeing something else that you didn’t want to see. If too much is going on in your brain to the point you feel electrocuted, just stop what you are doing and go lay down somewhere. It would be best to lay on the earth but just give yourself permission to stop and unravel as you may be. This time will have many of you in the emptying sessions where it can feel like a clogged pipe with more and more that is compounding the situation. Things ARE moving, but they seem to be moving to one stuck position. This is okay and it's part of what most freaks people out into thinking they are losing it and have made too many wrong turns in life. But this is how we upgrade where we first face a lot of things that make us feel totally out of control and uncertain in what comes as limbo.

I promise you; your only job is to surrender and let it go and allow the blocks to get moving on their own. You ARE supposed to be in this curious position – and it is supposed to be as confusing as it is. Yes, you SHOULD be looking off and thinking that nothing can be repaired, and past moves will now force you to suffer.

BUT ---- you are to allow these images and feelings to be WITHOUT judging them or thinking they are staying as the end of the story. You are learning that things change and even the worst pits of hell turn into something blissful. So, sit here and hope for the best. Hope that what you see is just showing to get you choosing for better things and making better decisions about things YOU NEED TO go for.

This time wants you coming out of the shadows in a new way and with a growing strength that could only be earned from walking through the battles. So, allow and learn from the process. Your meal is not cooked just yet as we are still in the lower right quadrant of the Moon Maps, and we are still learning from life and planting seeds about how it makes us feel. Trust the process as you see with eyes of glass half full -- and 100% you will be just fine. Don’t fight what is just a single frame of a movie. Messages and inspiration abound, but they come when we least expect it, and in forms we don’t at first know how to interpret. Go for the light in what it all means and keep on believing. See that a miracle is on the way – and it WILL FIND YOU. Be the light in the chaos -- and order will be what you next create.


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