JULY 27 | Wednesday

And here we are AGAIN. Another big day. This is all getting us to the New Moon in Leo tomorrow where we really let out a new roar and be the proud and loud lion who makes moves from the heart. Before we go and get a bit more creative with it, we first have to be provoked and weakened by what SO NEEDS to be replaced.

It's time for progressive action -- and the old world wants us NEVER going in that direction. Progressive means MOVEMENT away from what no longer feeds and supports the people. Progressive means moving away from the river that has run dry that no longer supports. It means being a transient IF NEED BE and going with the changes that have always been our world.

I mean, 25 years ago we did not have the internet. We had libraries in town and magazines and mainstream news. No podcasts. No blogs. No videos. No online shops.

Progressive movements brought us to where we are now and to what we think of as common. And these movements are only deemed acceptable by the mainstream manipulators if they in some way generate money. What does not generate money, or that which brings too much awareness, is scolded and shamed for trying to go against the patriotic way, or some forced defending of an ideology. What moves us to better lands that WILL feed us all is put down and marketed with big dollars to keep us from choosing this. Follow the money and know it always is corrupt. But it impersonates in order to con you. It already is 20 steps ahead of you.

So actually, you have to stop when you want to move on progressive change and first allow your body to guide you. I am not even kidding that the answer to all our pains is each one of us remembering that our bodies can detect the bullshit and the things that come from this small perspective that forces you to see against what is reality.

What I can feel from this energy is that women are REALLY getting turned on to their power in a collective way. It is something we have never seen, and it is what is needed for us to go next level and get over this huge hump of the old world patriarchy. If it wants to upgrade and be the new world patriarchy, it is 100% welcomed.

But the old 1% thriving beyond anyone’s wildest dreams while the 99% suffer to make ends meet isn’t working for the people of 2020. It is not okay that 20,000 people a day die of starvation where their bodies give out from not having enough food to eat -- when on the other side there is this addiction that happens with money and people who are in positions to generate exaggerated wealth. They then compete, and enough is never enough. At the cost of over 7 million people a year dying because they don’t have food to eat. The size of San Francisco times 7. That many people every year. How unacceptable! The food that is thrown out at grocery stores and restaurants and your fridge could probably feed 20 times that many people in need.

Basically, this energy is saying that things are out of whack and it's time for some change that alleviates the pain. When we wake up to how we too contribute, we take our power back. When we got our power, we can bring us into the Age of Aquarius and into the vibrations of brotherhood/sisterhood/community/and the honor to be whoever you want to be. You take your power back by honoring that things are not okay and this is not fair.

And then, you create progressive movement out of the old mold and into something that feels good in your body.

Just as your car lets you know if it's overheated or needs more oil, your body speaks similar codes that need you listening in order to understand what this means. But you ARE being guided. Your personal system did not come without all its parts. The old world TOOK OUT parts and now the signals and prods you get are just opening you to a new view on who you really are and what sort of risk of the heart it will take to get you feeling at home with yourself again. Things that bind keep us forgetting we still have room to grow. But STILL, we do have room to grow.

So, we just need to face what binds and heal our way OUT of the shape it forced us to be. It’s time for you to come alive again in love and back into the innocence of your truth. Feel yourself shedding skins and allow a transformation to reveal what you need to see. Allow this to get you growing and showing. Don’t buy into defeat.


Thank you for the work you do 🫂🫂🫂 needed this grounding today 🙏🏿🌿

Nomvuyo July 28, 2022


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