JULY 24 | Sunday

Today you can plan on running into people and what they bring will be a sign of where you are on the journey in life. Today is important! What you see will be proof of where you really see yourself and feel you are on the mountain of life.

So, if you run into those who speak of pain and woes, then you will know, you are still doing the work to get to the next levels and just need to be patient as you grow your new life. Digest the disfunction in a way where you create fuel from it.

If you run into people and they are talking about all the amazing opportunities happening and good movements going on, then you are on the other side and can EXPECT that the new flow is manifesting you an upward cycle and one that will be about having more fun.

Make sure you are out and about or are reaching out to others that come to your mind. We need this mirror today where we learn through what is around us and what is being spoken about. What you see is what you really do need to see – no matter if it feels like harmony OR a sting. So face this with honesty and use it to motivate your future goals.

It also is a great day to reach out to relatives or people who used to be around you but that you no longer often see. We are to connect because we are helping others also receive the message on where THEY are in life. And you reaching out to people who haven’t heard from you plants a beautiful seed so they will experience a new cycle where they aren’t left wondering about people and losing energy because they aren’t getting the answers they need. What you withhold needs to be set free.

We all work together on this healing journey, and we hurt many others as we work to correct what damaged us. We all are roses with thorns, and we thrash about and cut others because we are protecting ourselves. It's time to be accountable to how your ripples do flow and to start a new pattern around connecting and WANTING to be someone who brings clarity to things.

If you have left anyone in the dark, and they come to you today, be the one who clears the air on why you ghosted them and couldn’t be there in the ways they needed you to be. Through trauma we break apart, and in that space, it OFTEN is not easy to communicate with others. It’s like the windows of your house have been broken and the cold air is coming in, so you have to use all your energy to just keep your own body warm.

If anything brings you down today, please do your all to see that it is a perfect place to be on the mountain climb of your life. See that you need this to be JUST LIKE IT IS and that there are no mistakes in the way life teaches us certain lessons. But also see that what blocks is JUST ILLUSION and not the whole picture of what will be. It is adding yeast to the dough so that it will rise and be fluffy. What stops you and pulls you back or shows you a whole other plan to your life that you were not bargaining for, is there to help grow you big and fluffy.

So be with life and accept that this is here to get you better -- but that it IS needed in order to birth something out of you. So see that solutions will come and all is not what it appears to be because it IS still taking form. Be with the magic 8 ball as some answer rolls into place but be excited for whatever fortune you get. Take it and run with it and don’t question what it means. Surrender into the mystery of your magnificent life unfolding.

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