JULY 16 | Saturday

OKAY THEN!! Something really big just took place and a reboot has been completed with your system! Today will bring things that return for you to show yourself as your higher being and not as the old one that could fall for all the manipulation of the mainstream way.

Today may frazzle you or it may leave you feeling overwhelmed by the emotions and drama of others, so DO WHAT YOU CAN to protect yourself from the get-go and DO NOT make huge plans today or try to be it all for everyone. We really need to see you slowing down and starting to move into a new flow, which may have you feeling out of it and confused about life right now. You may feel foggy in the head and unable to see what really needs to be done. Do not judge your energy today because it will be slowing you down in order to get you into the new flow. It’s a great day to hit the trails or to go soak in the hot springs. Allow your mind to be carried away and to just trust for some resolution or answer to rise.

You also are being asked to retreat and pull into yourself because you are to be finding something that now needs you coming out of the shadows and revealing the truth. It needs you facing something that IS important and that DOES need your sign of approval. It needs you standing up for yourself and not going the mainstream way just because it has a larger flow to it. Just because 100 are against the one of you doesn’t mean you need to give up and follow along

It just needs you honoring that sometimes you REALLY got to believe in yourself and do your thing and make everyone else angry that you are not doing what they want you to do. Sometimes you got to be strong and to VALUE YOUR SPACE by letting others down or with tarnished views of you. Sometimes you got to retreat into the cave where you then are forced to stay there way longer than you planned – where you just have to be in the limbo and surrender into the mystery. Sometimes you are on and sometimes you are off. You should be off today and not really feeling like you want to do what you thought you would have wanted to do.

So be with it and allow it to move on through! Things are changing quickly but right now it's about you needing to make some discovery that gets you asserting towards more authentic ways that you are. It's time to feel in exaggerated levels so that you make a decision at this crossroads and go towards what feels good to you. Something is off because it IS off and now it's about you valuing yourself enough to move on to lands that resonate with the ways that you really are. As you find yourself, from behaving in new ways, you will find that you are different than what you thought you were and are now needing to change what you thought was written in stone. This is okay! You may feel like you are in the river rapids and unable to ground into where you want to be, so just go off and meditate and play in visions on how you want this to turn out. Be in the chaos of the moment and create the better way for it to settle down into. You have more power than you know and it's time to finally wake up and sow with consciousness and integrity.


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