JULY 11 | Monday

Good morning sweet babies! Today is all about triggering us and hitting things to the core that deal with letting us know where we are on our unique healing journey. This day is important in that we get to the point of something that needs us speaking clearly about how we feel -- but also stepping into some agreement or movement that is about taking things to a better level.

My best friend in Taos was in a fight with her daughter in law and was NOT backing down into forgiveness because of what she put her through. The situation was intense, and it lasted for several months. My friend told me that she was never going to let her daughter in law back into her life like she did before because of what went down. But I told her to just stay open and to not try to interpret the future in a negative way – or through the voice of her current pain. I was like, you two were SO harmonious before and I would suggest you focus on that being a possibility again – because who wants to be in fight energy with others anyway??

I mean seriously. To hold the vibration of anger towards others is a toxic pool of misery that YOU TOO will have to swim in and deal with later in your journey. Anger in you about another is still anger in you. Even though your visions are towards another, the energy is what YOU are choosing to hold – and what the Great Mystery is bringing more of into your life because of gravity on Earth and how our thoughts and actions fall into our future worlds. Try holding up a ball in the air if nothing is keeping it held up in that position. It HAS to fall. And it falls in the path of where you next will be.

So, I told my friend to NOT create discord in the future just because you feel let down by people and want them to know your pain. INSTEAD, see that harmony and an understanding will one day be – even if you have no idea how it could be. Just hope for a great outcome instead of always preparing for the worst. Let go of thinking fights are forever. Open to seeing that fights are gateways for YOU to show up better and to stop speaking from your wounds where you keep seeing that others are doing what triggers you to feel like something will stay wrong.

My friend shifted her perspective and now they are close again and back in the love. Time DOES tend to heal wounds and broken bridges so might as well be in this moment seeing that all the fractured places WILL eventually be lessons learned that move you to greater heights.

See that nothing is broken even if it sits shattered in this moment. Things are moving and we are changing and what falls away is now showing you that growth follows. Keep your eyes on the prize and see that it WILL BE a wonderful gift to your life. This energy wants you signing a contract that is about expecting that a new day is here, and better outcomes are NOW shifting into manifestation. See for things working out -- and my love, they will.


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