JULY 12 | Tuesday

Good morning! Today is going to introduce a different flow to our ways and it deals with getting down to business and really stepping into new ideas about what needs to be rebuilt and done in a better way. If you have been feeling stuck, this Full Moon rising is what is going to get you walking into the plans you have been thinking about for some time. We FINALLY take a step into the process that will upgrade our lives and get us feeling supported so that we can grow in all the wild ways of our dreams.

Do be aware that we are going through rapid awakening shifts that change things in the blink of an eye. This means water gets turned back on and doorways open. Timing is everything, and for many of you right now, something finally gets you going and gets you ready to get up and walk what it is going to take to set things straight.

Understand that we have been in the processing spaces of seeing what is no longer feeding us in our lives, while also being introduced to new dreams that get us wanting to go for something that we haven’t walked before. This created a limbo feeling where you won't really know yourself or understand what is your place. This planted many of you on the bridge where you now have much to decide. Around this day we finally see that we MUST choose and move into what it will take to get our lives in better motion AS PER where our body is speaking to us and getting loud over certain things. We are ultra sensitive to feeling what is cold and brittle versus what is warm and supportive. Good feels real good right now – and bad feels unfathomable and SO wrong.

Trust that something appears as a fork in the road that needs you NOT following along and doing as you are manipulated and programmed to do, but rather where you feel something in your heart and make a decision to go step by step into the new mountain dream. This means you are going against tradition. And you really don’t know that your ideas on things will work and be what you hope they will be. AND THAT’S OKAY. All the in between spaces are just wanting to get you still sticking with the process and keeping with the climb that sometimes seems to push you backwards the moment you think you are almost to the top.

What matters is that you still want to get to some new lands that need you working for this. It doesn’t matter if you are tripped up and roll down the hill a bit. That is just to give you more schooling so you are even more of a true life KNOWER who has walked the journey, and because of that, can share the wisdom and know-how that only those who walk it will ever really know. Be patient as you climb, and you won't fall down the hill as much! Use your energy to keep you in it, but to not be so full of control that all you want is to get to the top. Surrender and climb and love whatever steps you are on because each one gets you higher – and that is the direction you DESERVE to be going. Break out of the mold and dig your heels with serious dedication into your grand and honoring vision.


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