JULY 10 | Sunday

Today is when you finally are really going to notice a shift around wanting to get up and start moving on things that have kept you feeling stuck and stagnant the past two weeks. Today is when we really want to jump into our new lives and start moving in a direction that feels like it brings more hope into our days.

You can choose to watch soap operas and to fill your mind space with entertaining things, or you can choose to get out of the house and go for a hike and go to some event where you get to mingle. You can live through the mind and achieve this feeling of success through envisioning what others are going through, or you can get out there and live things through walking them and leaping into the unknown of what next could be.

Something really hits us right now, as if we have been binging and not thinking of what we are giving our attention to. We can really start to assert and go into a new direction that may even feel like it dropped into your life out of the blue.

I always want you to know that sometimes we are forced into rest, with energy to do nothing -- and that is okay! Every time, it serves a purpose. But the old world conditioning wants you to take drugs to be able to stay up at all times with all waves of life. But in reality, our life is to be up and full of joy, then down and full of confusion, then sideways and full of self-doubt, then upside down and full of regret. It is to have you sick to your stomach at times, but then exalted to the max at others. BUT NEVER EVER one specific thing -- like on it and super powered every single day. That is a fabricated old world design of how they want us; worker bees only focused on serving the Queen of Corporate living.

We were conditioned to just do and not think about anything, but now that doesn’t make sense. So, we are pulled into the pause of stuck if we are going in the wrong direction of our evolving spirits. And, as we wake from the mold, they want us back in position! But as long as you are aware of this constant manipulation, and stay anchored in the hopeful view of what is not going on plan in your life, then it WILL work out okay. You have so much power if you use it FOR YOUR BETTERMENT. See that you deserve a bright future and for something greater to always be out there in the wings about to find you.

This is all a test. It is all to see if we fall back in line and create a life based on our fears, or if we decide to chart new lands and start doing things a whole different way. EVEN IF we are small numbers and thinking we maybe can't make that great of an impact in the face of what is out of balance. Your job is to keep on believing and to keep looking to the farthest point for some mysterious thing to fall in your lap that somehow brings you more life.

Something transforms around this day, and it will change everything. Expect to step into your power shoes and to start showing a bit more like someone who is here to kick some ass and is not looking to waste time with small talk. For the rise, or not at all. Your time and space are precious. Live for you living abundant and true.

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