FULL MOON in CAPRICORN per sign readings

Oh moon! The Capricorn Full Moon invites you to let go of how you think things need to be in your world -- and open to a new pattern being written RIGHT NOW that deals with starting over and being the rising Phoenix of your dreams.

Let go of attention to the old world. Let go of how others have programmed you to be. Let go of an addiction that you know is holding you back in life. Let go of what cripples you to believe in scarcity and to be full of fears about what next could be.

Come back to this moment and realize that you don’t have to do it all and be it all this very moment! There is a mountain for you to climb and one step at a time is ALL that you are being asked to deal with. But face each challenging step with faith that you are building something and grounding in a whole new foundation of support to be what empowers you to step into higher dreams.
Look up your Sun and Rising signs and read about the house that the Capricorn moon is moving through. This is where you need to see how something needs to be let go of in order to grow something better in your life.

But you also need to transform into someone who embodies a stronger essence from within this house.

So ------ let go of the old and say hello to something more powerful and wise as what you will be engaging in.

Where Capricorn is in your chart is where it's time to rise again and into some better example of how to do things. See that transformation needs to happen here and then open to growing better from what you discover about what was NOT working.

Don’t collapse when things come to a dead end; look around at what this is asking you to rise into. Look higher and expect to show more of your expertise.
ARIES | 10th House
This is our public life house. When the Moon moves through this house you are to pay close attention to the signs. The signs will provide you with guidance as to what you need to continue doing or what you need to change in regards to your career and work dreams.

This is a time when you can also get MUCH done with your career and with taking steps to catch up on business. You may even notice a bit of a lazy streak right before this transit in which you think or daydream about how you want to expand and what you would like to change and then, BOOM, this transit happens and it is on!

This is also a time when opportunities will come to you, and you will probably be having a hard time sleeping because you will have so many new ideas about how to advance your career in some way. This is fertile career land time!

Now there are not only good manifestations to this transit as ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am opening my arms and welcoming in opportunities with my career.
I am getting so much done in the office/studio today!
I am opening up and sharing my heart with others.
I am a success magnet!
I really feel like the sky is the limit!
I am feeling so inspired with creative inspiration!
I am open to the messages of this STOP SIGN and know that it means
I need to slow down and think this over for another month.
What can I learn about this?
I trust that the timing is just not correct yet.

TAURUS | 9th House
This usually is a GREAT transit! This is when we feel insightful. This is when we feel like we want to expand and shoot for the stars in regards to our purpose through getting a message out or using the internet to spread the ideas of our dreams.

This is also when you will want to study something new or expand in some ways so that you have more skills that relate to your career. This is when we are to feel hopeful. It is the relief point after the 8th house intensity! See! The universe does reward us after difficult challenges in life! There is a rebirth! There is something that comes alive from the death cycle.

If the 8th house (last month) was intense in a good way, then feel free to bring that energy forth into the 9th. But if it was more tiresome and painful, let it go and shift into a more hopeful place. The hopeful vibe will permeate you quickly if you just decide to choose it.

If the Moon feels painful in this house, it is just  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am so inspired!! I am on fire!
I am making time to work on my website and clean things up.
I am starting on this book that I have always dreamed of writing.
I am visualizing things that are beyond my wildest dreams.
I am so blessed! I am so lucky!
I am expanding my mind and expanding my life.
The most amazing thing just came to me!
I understand now! I get it! THAT is why this happened.
I am awake and operating ON PURPOSE.
I am dedicating myself to a new course of study.
Things are so going my way!
 GEMINI | 8th house
Be warned! This is one of the heavy duty houses! This one tends to throw people upside down and have them feeling like they are drowning in TOO MUCH DRAMA and intense situations that really throw them off balance. This one also tends to force us to face death in some way.

I can tell you that this house gets easier, so much so that I hardly even notice it anymore. But when I first started Moon Mapping, this one always threw me to the ground and had me unable to get out of the density of other people’s garbage and drama. It seems often that we manifest arguments with others when the Moon transits our 8th house.

And this house also keeps us FIXED in whatever is going on, so we won’t be able to shift this or rise above this or let it go as easily as we may wish to! It just holds us steady and totally preoccupies our minds so that the drama feels like EVERYTHING and SO INTENSE. Now this house has a couple ways of expressing: you will either want to die because things feel so horrible from how heavy and intense things have gotten OR you will  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am facing this issue head on.
I am open to seeing what I need to learn about MYSELF
in this confrontation or argument.
I am stating my needs and drawing my boundaries.
I am open to delving into the magic of my sexuality.
I am moving through this death situation knowing that rebirth is on the other side. I will get through this!
When the moon moves from this house, I am letting this go.
I am moving on.
I will rise again even better than before FROM what I am letting go of right now. I am creating new habits and patterns.
CANCER | 7th House
This house is all about our relationships with others. Most people believe this is the house of what we are looking for in others, but I have found that it feels like what we naturally give to the relationships in our life.

So with this transit, OTHERS are coming into the situation and this can bring conflict or harmony. There is the potential that you come together with business partners or relationships at this time because HARMONY is the point of this transit. This time is also very much about bridging something or coming to a balance on something. This transit is about 2 or more people coming together in some way to share their side of things or their point of view. This is also a great time to share something, such as a creative idea, so that it will be well received.

This is the one to plan for when you need to have a serious heart to heart with someone, which is why I say that when an argument arises in the 6th house, it is best to save if for the 7th house when you are WIRED for harmony. People hear you better at this time. Even if you  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am coming together to create harmony with others.
I am manifesting the perfect business collaboration.
I am open to the strife with this person, and I am willing to see what
I need to learn about MYSELF in this equation.
I am open to bringing healing to this situation.
I am manifesting a love partner who feels like home.
From the strife, I am learning something about myself.
I am making a clear and appropriate decision.
I am bringing more beauty into others’ lives.
I am creating a balance with this situation.
LEO | 6th house
This house is about so many things! This will be a good one to look to whenever you want to make healing, abundant health changes in your life. Wait until this Moon transit to START a new health program since you will be more likely to stick with it. The Moon will speak to you with this transit and will tell you what you should do to bring about a healthier you. LISTEN! You may all of a sudden hear that you need to add a mineral to your diet, restructure your eating habits, start doing pilates, or go visit the acupuncturist. Now, we tend to feel nit-picky and judgmental at this time. And as a warning, arguments do tend to occur with this transit! It is almost like they magnetize your way when the Moon transits your 6th house! The greatest advice I can give you is to NOT engage at this time!

Things are not REAL right now and the argument is stemming from small details that DON’T really matter as they are mildly flavored by other forces that have nothing to do with what is really going on. This is similar to someone who has not gotten  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am organizing my life and taking care of many details.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
I am letting this go. It will not matter in a few days.
I will let this argument go and wait until later to
speak about what I am feeling.
I will wait until after the dust has settled.
I am rolling with the changes that are occurring in my work environment.
I trust that this is for the best in the long run.
I am making the correct decisions with the health of my pet.
I am confronting my health concerns. There will be a solution.
I am manifesting the job of my dreams!
VIRGO | 5th House
If you honored the transit of the 4th house, last month -- by taking a break and making some space for self-love and self-care, you are NOW going to feel ready to tackle a new task and to plunge into something INSPIRED from the 4th house Moon transit. If you pushed through and did not regroup in the last transit, you can still feel uptight and snappy and not really feeling so happy.

Things can feel sort of sucky and depressing at this time if you DID NOT honor what the 4th house asked you to do. And if that is the case, you just have to move forward, but consider this a lesson learned! You will be so much happier if you honor the lessons the Moon wants to awaken you to when she travels through the houses of your birth chart.

The Moon is on a mission in this house to show you WHERE you are on the pursuit of happiness! Watch what shows up during this time! This huge barometer house will guide you towards seeing what  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I love my life!
I am proud of who I am BECOMING.
I do have something important to offer the world.
I am a creative soul and I MUST express this gift.
I am on the path to becoming more JOYFUL.
I am making time for more play in my life.
I am open to manifesting more happiness in my life.
I am open to falling in love with a soul match.
I am a love magnet.
This depression will not last forever. I am moving forward.
I know a brighter day is on my horizon.
LIBRA | 4th House
This time is when you are all about home! If you work from home, you can get so much done! Also, you will want to take care of chores that allow you to be alone and with your deep thoughts. Many people REALLY feel the shift of the Moon moving from the 3rd house to the 4th house because one is so active and DO, DO, DO, and the other is about taking a break, pulling back and focusing on self-care. We tend to expend so much energy in the 3rd house so that we then feel more exhausted and can be still and open to the messages that come with the 4th house. So PAY ATTENTION to what comes to you during this time! This can also be similar to wearing the kids out so they take a good nap and fully regenerate.

If you are not allowed space at this time, you may feel sensitive and crabby and snappy. That is understandable, but do whatever you can -- put yourself in a bubble to separate yourself from other people’s energy. It can feel ASSAULTING at this time because  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am making time for ME so that I can be there for others at a later time.
I am making the space for recuperation and rest.
I am making the space to FEEL my emotions.
Expressing emotions is HEALTHY.
It is okay to keep it real.
I forgive myself and I forgive others.
I am creating a solid and safe foundation.
I will be back in a minute! Please honor my need for space.
I am safe. I am protected. I am loved. It is okay.
I am open to healing this childhood wound.
I am whole. I am perfect the way I am.
SCORPIO | 3rd House
This transit tends to feel sort of lively and full of movement. Your mind can be full of activity and ideas and THIS and THAT and YAY! This is also a great time to work on writing projects or to send out letters. Communications tend to flow effortlessly out of you with this transit. You can be all over the place with wanting to take care of the to-do list and connecting with people who need your attention. It is OKAY to be all over the place at this time. So know, even if you are just giving a little bit of energy to many things at the same time, that is okay! To me this energy feels like one of those contests where you have to grab as many items as you can in a short amount of time. So the clock is ticking! Go, go, go!

You will tend to feel rather chatty and may even have spontaneous meetings all around town if you go out during this time. If you are too busy to stop and chat to strangers galore, do not be around others at this time! There is a magnetizing energy with this transit that draws people to you in order to  ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!
I am getting so much done today!
I am speaking clearly to others.
I am a multitasking master! Bring it on!
I am saying the right thing at the right time.
I am purchasing the best car that will last forever.
I am all over the place but having a blast with it.
I am taking the time to stop and share love with others.
I am reaching out to people who I have not seen in a while.
I am writing letters and making calls during this time.
I am saying things in a way that people really understand.

This transit tends to affect how you feel about yourself. At times this transit will bring situations that have you feeling fantastic and like you really have a place in this world. These times you feel SO valuable! But at other times, you can feel very sensitive and like others don’t approve of you or don’t think you are good enough. You may have people who attack you in ways, or at least that they push your buttons and have you questioning your self-worth. (This is VERY common for this transit!)

You may even have to stand up for yourself at this time and USE YOUR VOICE to say, “NO, you can’t talk to me that way.” You may even surprise yourself with what comes out of you, but do not put yourself down. You manifested situations at this time for the opportunity to STAND UP and not be a push over.

Do not do anything in haste at this time, though! This is a time of slowness and patience. If you act in a hotheaded manner, this means you are carrying the energy of past house dealings and need to LET IT GO. This means you are ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!




I trust the process. I am safe.
I love and value who I am.
I am a money magnet.
Infinite riches are pouring into my life.
I will wait for the best things to arrive.
I will finish this project and do what needs to be done.
I am doing the best that I can.
I am bringing more security into my life.
Whatever I spend money on now, is making room for
MORE money to arrive into my life.
I am making time to connect to the Earth at this time.
I am slowing down and taking deep breaths.


CAPRICORN | 1st House

This transit will affect how others see you and something may occur that opens you to needing to make changes, or upgrades, with your appearance. This is a time when you will be hyper alert to how others see you and you will want to make a good impression.

This can be a time of feeling like you are COMING OUT and showcasing yourself in a new way. With this transit we often feel more liberated and want to start over in regard to something we pondered when the Moon was in our 12th house.

Do understand that at times we are in a healing process that still continues from the retreat of the 12th house (the last month), and we will feel very uncomfortable out in the world and will NOT want to be seen just yet.

If this is happening, be gentle with yourself and honor that you are still kind of fragile and raw. And that’s okay! Focus on YOU! If you try and force yourself out before you are truly ready, you can be very snappy, short tempered and rude. Usually though, this will be ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!




I am true to who I am.
I am perfect just the way I am.
I am starting fresh and beginning a new path.
I am starting over in some area of my life.
I am excited for my future.
I can do this! I can really do this!
I am full of energy and passion.
I am going to lead by example and show others the way.
I have the courage to face this challenge.
I will not give up on this; I will not give up on myself.
I am okay with not feeling ready.
I don’t need to be anything for anyone else.


AQUARIUS | 12th house

We were ALL OUT THERE in the last Full Moon and spending time with others, but now we suddenly shift and balance into wanting SPACE. This is the time you are called to pull back and allow the time for YOU. This is a nurturing time when you don’t want to put yourself too much out there. This is a time to take baths, meditate, be out in nature, do readings for yourself, be quiet, be alone, write in your journal and ask for guidance from your guides as to what you will be starting with the movement into the 1st house on your next Full Moon.

This is an ending house, but also one that births inspiration for a new beginning and new month long cycle around the Birth Chart Wheel. During this time we often feel misunderstood and alone. We feel like no one gets us and we are isolated in this world. Now do understand that if you honor this house and what it is asking you to do, then you won’t feel those things so intensely. If you are NOT giving yourself enough alone time with this transit, you will feel frazzled and crazy. We need alone time and space in order to integrate things we are learning and taking in along the Earth Walk. This is the integration ... CONTINUE READING in Spirit Guide #314 and learn more about astrology through daily energy readings with new teachings on the sign and planet influences!.




I am honoring the retreat.
I allow time for me.
When I retreat and make space for my self-nurturing,
I am better able to handle the demands of life.
I am going into the silence to understand my next moves.
I am going into the silence to integrate my past month learnings.
I am starting my day with meditation.
I am forgiving myself and realizing I am doing the best that I can.
I am forgiving others so that I CAN BE FREE.
I am letting go of all my anxiety. I feel peaceful.
I can handle this. I am okay.
I am seeing clearly into this illusive situation.

PISCES | 11th House

In this house things should feel fun. We are now focused on bigger dreams that affect others. This is the humanitarian house. This is the house of the Aquarius Nation! This is all those things that we want to do that GIVE BACK. The Moon awakens us to things outside of our lives at this time. We should not be so personally involved. This is when you want to join groups, do volunteer work or get together with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. This is when you are to make plans for the future.

You should also honor this transit as a time to DREAM OF THE IMPOSSIBLE! Dream of a healed Earth! Dream of doing things that light your heart up and make a difference. Dream of sharing your gifts with others and really seeing them having their life affected because of what YOU can offer. This is also a great time to come together with collaborations or to double your power by joining with others.


I am making choices for the betterment of all.
I am giving back and focusing on others as it feels so good to do that anyway!
With every act of kindness, I feel more at home in this world.
I am going to make a difference.
Every little bit counts.
All the small efforts add up to something important.
I am imagining the life of my dreams!
I can do this. I know I can do this.
I am visualizing a life that makes me feel so happy.
I am collaborating with others to make greater impacts.

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