Full Moon in Aquarius READINGS!


These energies will be asking a lot from you but ultimately know that you CAN trust your far out dreams and you just got to keep with plowing the driveway after getting 5 feet of snow. You got work to do that will require you stay disciplined and high vibe with the MANY, MANY details that seem to be a bit of a mercury retrograde in its most vocal form. There is a lot going on that deals with you finding a new home in the world from really going into your heart and trying out new leaps of faith or risks where you just HAVE to go for this thing that feels like it is something for you. You are dealing in dream spaces where you are being asked to keep with the light and not give into the program that has you jumping through hoops for corporate treats and mainstream reactions to what you are to bring. NO. It's time for you to check out and to not even follow ANYTHING but what you are feeling in your heart and with new sensitive emotions that are inviting you to give this a chance. You will have to go out on the limb and to the edge of the cliff where you are to do something different in how you reach out and work to get your things out there. You aren’t to climb the trails that others etched out for you. Be conscious of this because your body IS telling you that there can be a new way to find your home out in the world. And it can be fully from intuition and where you feel called to do different things. However you grow and go with your art, talk every step of the way like you know everyone is waiting for you to arrive to the show. Even if your show takes 14 years to climb, THAT IS OKAY. When you arrive, they will be ready for you and you will see that something about the journey needed you walking those 14 years. Right now, you are being asked to plant the most far out seeds where you aren’t thinking of others and how things can only be done through their schedules. Just see that things will correct and upgrades to all blocked up ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 



Oh, hello new chapter! This energy is going to bring a new focus to your foundation where you have been following along in some old world way that now has you in a corner or unable to grow. Something gets more attention because there is a new way for you to show up in your career where you are talking more and really valuing your creative gifts. This is about you stepping into your truth, speaking up and sharing something that WILL end up grounding in a new sustainable plan. This is also when you need to expand into a new level with your career or with your actual body going on vacation or to new lands because the inspiration that comes will then have you going back home and plotting out a change of location that will allow for you to really do what you love to do. You are going to feel what is not comfortable and your body will be having stronger messages. This is getting you to come out of the shadows and share your truth – and possibly ruffle others feathers who don’t want you to change their plans. See that it is time to cross some bridge and start over with something that is to support you better. See that you can listen to your feelings and follow where they guide you to go. See that things are going to change dramatically because of your choices and that you ARE going to rebuild or do something with your career that goes next level. Write a beautiful story in your mind about how you will be seen as important and valued for the creative inspiration that supports a new way to wake up and run the day. You may have felt confused with your career and how others were seeing you, but release uncertainty and shoot your arrow into seeing that there will be a solution or upgrade that moves you out of the stuck confusion. You may be growing uncomfortable where before you were just fine. Trust that this is a sign asking you to grow and let go of what feels like a burden. Synchronicity will align with a career choice and it will deal with getting you out of debt or moving you through the challenges with ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 



This Full Moon is going to create changes around where you have been stuck on some sort of perspective to the point it IS cutting you off from a fresh start and the ability to really ground and get clear with your energy. Where you have been stuck in thinking you had to follow some sort of path to get to some goal, you will experience a big shift that gets you wanting to show yourself in a whole new way. Things are to surprise you on the road and when you meditate and just unplug from trying to know it all. For this reason, you are being asked to make more time for silence and no expectations about where you will be going. You instead are to meander for the next few weeks BECAUSE people and ideas are to come together to create something that will bring healing to a foundational aspect of you. Like, if you only saw this certain way that people can be, you then put it out there and gather more of those kinds of people. It's time for you to see a new view so that you attract new views. You may be going through a radical transformation from letting go and just trusting that your home will be found out in the world. The more you stay in the mental spaces, the more you can confuse yourself and get tangled in too many options to the point you have a fear of moving or traveling off into a new way. This time wants you rebuilding how you process challenging situations where you aren’t so negative when faced with the discord, but excited to get into the rebuilding and upgrading of what was not going to hold you in the future. You are to be thinking about what will hold you and what you really need at this point in your life. Things change. And this energy is loud and clear that you need to leap off cliffs and trust that you got to go if you are in places that make you think negative thoughts or influence you to stay struggling in needing something from others to the point you hold back the best of what you are. You MAY feel extra sensitive with others and how they see your art or ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


Okay baby! Now it’s time for you to start a whole new plan where you grow new crops and start seeing your creative gifts in ways that require you to bring light to your voice/opinions/views on things. It is time to come from out of the shadow of your fears and ways that you follow the current of how others influence you to then be. This energy wants you letting go of allowing mental confusion around situations that are deep that DO have you feeling fearful and in the money scarcity ways of seeing that there is not enough to go around. You are going to have to be a motivational coach for yourself in saying no to what you could have just taken on and tried to process. You don’t have to allow all people to grow food in your garden. You can speak strongly about what doesn’t feel good and draw the line clearly in stating what you DO want more of to be in your environments. And the point of this energy is saying that you DO need to have a new plan with clear lines, but you don’t have to fight away all things that don’t fit your new dreams. You are to show patience around discord where you see it from glass half full and see that there is a solution to backed up drains and things that are stuck in the mud. Think about putting mud on your skin to clear out the toxins. So don’t be surprised if your life feels like it is under some sort of pressure. STILL, plan for this opening you to ways to simplify your life and bring in more value. Nothing it to hurt you, and you will need to learn to trust the Great Mystery to hold your journey safe. I would actually think that things do slow down right now but as if you are getting ready to make a turn. The turn will bring you to something that sees you as important and THIS will get you vibing in a new way. Expect that you will need to take some leap of faith where you are trusting what your body is telling you. And 90% chances say that others are not going in the way you are. This is just ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


Oh Leo! What a time for you! So, first off know that you are like a rolling stone right now that is tumbling and growing into something new that will be inspired from you wanting to step into a different role and to come outside of the lines and do things your way. This session begins with insecurity or something from scarcity that gets you inspired to fine tune your focus and really go for the life of the artist. I’ve never seen the energy so strong in saying that you have to do it different in how you share what you love to do, but to not let go of talking and seeing in your mind that there IS a place for what you love to do that you love doing while you do it. You WILL be taking a risk of the heart and doing something your way, and you are being asked to follow through with this! You are to assert where your heart has new stories of love or a return or something where you really connect into what will make you happy. Expect to not let go and to break out of old molds from your parents or the patriarchy telling you that your day to day work world needs to look a certain way. You are to be marching to a new drummer and showing that you see the world in a whole upgraded way where there IS the potential to do something that before you maybe couldn’t do. Opportunities are to come that awaken you to being an influencer and needing to really walk your talk and show that you know your worth and aren’t looking for affirmation first. This time is to ground in a new sense of self value where you see how chasing the old world dreams is what had you scrutinizing yourself to the point you always seem to be in fault. As you step away from how it has been done, and start doing what really feels good to you, your voice will grow stronger in working to rebuild where you saw too much of a negative to the point it is what you planted in your garden and now have to deal with. You are only an unfair judge to yourself when you try ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


This energy is ABOUT to reboot you in an epic sort of way where you WILL be walking different in how you live your day to day. BUT FIRST. It is time to think like you are planting seeds for new ideas and ways you want to step into your soul’s purpose work and be seen in a role that you really love. At times in our life, we get stagnant in certain places because we have learned what we need so that we CAN step into higher roles. The apprenticing spaces create the master, but the master is not just born and ready to function as the master. So, value that things ARE changing around, and you maybe can't see straight with what you are working yourself through. But still, you are being asked to stay hopeful and to see that ALL OF THIS is just getting you into the best position. Something with art may be showing up or ways that you want to do work that is connected to what you really love to do. Things are changing like a lightning bolt lights up a dark scene so that you can put the focus on getting into this new position and thriving in something you can feel is dead on perfect for how you are growing and seeing your future life. This time REALLY wants you pulling back and getting quiet and not really staying in the busy spaces of how others are doing things. This time wants you going within but then coming out of the shadows because of the inspiration or guidance that is to come. You may even feel real insecure around understanding your place in the world. And ultimately, 99% of what most of us are doing was programmed into us to do. So, to feel discomfort is really just the signs that you are waking up to your truth and it WILL bring you out of your comfort zone to proclaim that you need things better. Do not be afraid of the mysterious feels and how things are hitting you in ways that are not familiar. You may feel low and like you can't pick yourself up or you will be suspicious like you can feel some doom and gloom on the horizon. But really, put that to rest and just surrender. You DON’T have to be in the driver’s seat JUST YET. You are getting close ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 



Oh love. This energy is going to hit you all different but for sure you are feeling things and your heart is wondering about where things will grow. You are being asked to put your heart out there and to really be vocal about what you are feeling about things. You ARE to be extra sensitive and processing a lot that gets you wondering if you have a place in the world or what you could do to support yourself from what you really love to do. This time is extremely multi-dimensional, and I can feel deep anchors into strong feelings around the past or your childhood and how it influenced you to this day. For many, you will feel like you have no idea who you are or where you are going or if you are okay. You can feel unplugged and really uncertain about what to do. But this energy is bringing opportunities that deal with you growing and stepping into something where you educate or bring some message or creative project. At this time, you are being asked to think in different ways in how to get things out there. And with this energy, it's all about you going within to find the inspiration and NOT keep looking for ways to fit yourself into the world that is already at play. You are to be ahead of the times and to see that what is unique about you has a place. It will be through friends or groups that your next steps come together, and things are to show you that you can trust your higher plan and the Universe to support you. BUT. Something is dead and depleted in your foundation and it needs to be operating in a new way. Something will be rebuilt, and it will require you use your voice to ask for change. Speak differently when you ask for things that will help you grow. There is art to your delivery, and you need to be a strong arrow that gets what you want through painting a picture of what you need from them. This means you are to not see how things WON'T work out and NOT stay in a negative state from also seeing how you COULD be wrong, and it COULD all fall to pieces. This time asks you to stop traveling a pathway that ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


Okay baby! This is to bring a real big shift of a release with your feelings and with things that have had you feeling mental anguish over safety or things that you need to support you. There are fractures that are showing because something was stuck and needing to be released in order to allow YOU to grow and share more of your light with the world. Sometimes plants have to be repotted because their roots have grown as far as they can go – and they CAN stick with it and just adapt to a tight fit -- OR, they can be given a new foundation which provides more room to grow authentically. What you are seeing in your life right now is where you are valued and others are made better because you are in their lives, or where you go small and think there is something wrong with you because others are not in love with you like you want them to be.  When it's time to grow, it's time to go. Allow your life to unfold with your heart on your sleeve where you don’t have to chase after things, and instead can be receptive to life and to just sit back and learn to receive. You ARE to come up with some new utopian way to relate and it comes from going deep into the fractures and seeing that there must be a way to upgrade and bring about a solution. The energy really just wants you walking like light and going direct into things knowing that there will be a way to set this straight. Your emotions can also be real strong at this time and it will shock you.  But do what you can to give full reign to whatever your body is telling you! It's important that you are coming from a new foundation of value so that you can speak in ways where you rebuild what is out of balance, and not just burn it down or put up a wall and block it out because it doesn’t support you correctly. You are to learn a new way of keeping it real when you need downtime and self-care and not just pushing yourself to getting sick because you think you have to keep up with the societal game. This time is when you are to learn a new way of finding home ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


This energy is to bring some big movements in your life where you finally get out of the way and DO decide to come forward and share yourself more vulnerably. The attention is on getting you to speak up and share your ideas that are not mainstream, and ARE something you love to do that you would like to see get out there far and wide. This is when you are to bring the light through a website or launch or something that is working to move your art and love out into the world. The mental confusion around your gifts was really just about timing and needing to rebuild ways you were cutting your potential short by living in scarcity thoughts and not really seeing that there could be a return or more joy up ahead in your life. You are to do something different at this time where you show yourself in a new role and where you speak up about an interesting subject. You are to not know how to really go about showing this new side of you, but you still are to press into doing it and KNOW that it will require a leap of faith or something where you are taking a risk of your heart. You do not need to pretend or plan out and try to figure ways to show yourself new; you just need to follow your heart and think like you are shooting an arrow with all that you do. See that you are ready to show a creative project or book or work of writing that really taps into your gifts and what you ultimately love to do. The times are changing and you will notice that you are rounding a corner and the light is starting to shine again. From the depth of experiences that shocked you into growth, you are going to reach for more and want to do more with what you love to do. You also are being asked to be more compassionate with something around the home or that deals with the roots that raised you. But at the same time, the compassion is to get you speaking up and coming from out of the shadows where you have been a bit prudent out in the world as if you have been scolded into staying smaller over something. This deals with the roots and the mother and  ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


OKAY THEN! This 100% will bring a big shift to you all. It is time for you to see that you have a lot of power, and your value is tied into us all moving into the Age of Aquarius. You will vibe the things like keeping up the mountain and not giving up even though things are a total mess. You will show us that we can accidentally fall into the patterns of those before us, but we also can step out and do our own thing and follow our own hearts and be VERY HAPPY because of it. At this time, you are to awaken again to how equipped you are and how you don’t need anyone or any manipulation trying to tell you how things need to be done. Expect to be woke again and to get more badass from each day that moves forward over the next few weeks. This is when you face whatever shadows you need to make peace with, and MANY of you will only feel wonderful at this time as you will grow a strength that helps you see you have NOTHING to worry about and only need to stay focused on staying positive about where you would like to grow from this season of facing your shadow. When you are fully qualified, you are allowed into other areas and are upgraded into new levels -- on the automatic. It’s like if you turn a fan on it WILL move all the air around in the room. Something like a fan is growing from you facing things like scarcity issues and planting them strong knowing that you WILL get through this, and you WILL still come out on top. You are to grow new patterns that get you seeing that ALL challenges are worth it when you get to the other side. You may even feel like you are flashing back to all these old memories and seeing yourself now from this higher perspective. Like, you would never do the things you did in your past, and you WOULD take advantage of the opportunity NOW when before you let things go. Your ego will be showing you how you checked out and didn’t complete a process and therefore have been left to suffer or be limited in some way. Use this energy to see that you actually ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


And HERE we go. Now starts a process where you will notice a big shift in how life is treating you. This is to be when you truly sit solid as a co-creator where you change your role or way that we see you to the point life starts manifesting you things that help you to feel important! FINALLY, things will connect, and people will come to you where they offer the support to help bring your creative gifts or a writing project or something that deals with a message and doing what you ultimately love to do. Things will be swooping in to offer support and it all deals with you stepping into the light, coming out from the shadows, and owning a unique and creative gift that now needs support to go next level. There is MUCH to clean up and many debts will come from surprise places that match ancient fears you have held. Money will be a super hot topic space and you will be tested to see like a healer who knows that things erupt for good reason and that there is a opposite perspective that needs the light and something to be moved through. Debt IS burdensome, but it weighs more to fear the debt and to see that you can't get out of it. This time gives you tests to see if you can vibe highly as you go through the river of life and see that you ARE supported and do have a foundation that will hold you safe – but otherwise, don’t get worked up by the storms around you. Don’t buy into the scarcity or limitation of how certain life situations may appear. See that this is here to strengthen you but also to get you showing up in a new role where you roll with the punches and come out even more sparkly from the rain. This time just wants to see if you now will walk the talk and walk with Spirit with your heart on your sleeve and new levels of vulnerability being the way you walk the hero’s journey. It's time to see that you can follow your heart and you also DON’T need to be confused about how to show yourself and be a leader in the waking community. Rather, you are to be like an arrow that shoots towards north on ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 


The Aquarius Full Moon is to be a big one for you because of how many pieces will finally start to come together to show you that you DO have a home in the world with what is most original about you. You are going to be asked to make space for more quiet time and ways to just unplug and do your thing as you flow from one to the other. It is so important that you are starting to write a new story about your career or your day to day world that deals with you coming from a foundation that supports the ways you talk and the ideas or creative projects you love to talk about. Things are to click into place FINALLY where now you are showing up in a new role that is secure with who you are -- and not where you are looking for approval and then going on that direction. It's time for you to sit in new ways where you just vibe this whole other magical potion and others are coming to you for things that expand their lives. You should feel that the day has changed and now you are starting to have more energy to get things done. See that this time wants you coming out of the confusion that puts you in lazy states of nothingness, when your fatigue or depression is really coming because the road needs to change and something is at capacity in the moment, like working a hard day and then knowing exactly when it is quitting time. The old world got you to push and push and this makes baby sick in the long run. Your mental health correlates to how you feel riding the rules of the old world. Anxiety comes when the things get claustrophobic or too full. But just like a smoke alarm, it means you need to change something right now, like getting out of the house. This time wants you to see that you are wildly special, and you will discover this like the anchoring of a tree when you give more space to when your body does not feel well. Don’t keep pushing. Get out. Keep moving until you feel better. MOVEMENT is what heals you and it is because you are to empty your mind and get to seeing that your intuition and guidance ... CONTINUES in the FULL MOON GUIDE with 3 pages of readings per sign and the daily readings to August 7, 2021! 

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