Friday November 4

We have a BIG day of energy where things will be larger than we expected! This means whatever is planned for today, it will grow and expand and be something beyond your wildest dreams. For this reason, do your thing and assert where you feel called to share something or to communicate about what is important to you.

This is another day where we are coming out of the shadows and doing things from our heart or where we feel we have to do this because of how we feel inside. This is when you are to show something that is not mainstream or the programmed way to be, but is something that keeps coming up in you and something that is a sign of self worth or you valuing yourself. You may also be noticing how you stay small and don’t want to broadcast what is unique about you because of mainstream programming. Whatever keeps you in the shadows needs to be like the San Francisco fog that clears mid afternoon, revealing the truth of your tall buildings. Expect people to surprise you in how they need to get something off their backs -- but see that we can’t stay hidden any longer. To hide away how we really feel is doing damage to what we can manifest. So don’t be alarmed if people show up in strong ways and really stand firm in what they believe.

There also is a warning to this day where relationships with women can be reaching some peak position where YOU need to show yourself different as you dance through confusing or illusive situations. See that you are to design new ways of dealing with provocation WHERE YOU VALUE YOURSELF so much that you don’t want to give away your day to focusing on WHO is out of balance around you. Most likely you cannot control them, so let it go and control yourself from diving into the deep end where you give away your day to frustration. Protect your space and don’t just let others take away what you have planned. This day is on YOU to design.

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Insanely on point for today!!!

Laura November 05, 2022

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