FRIDAY 7 April

Okay beauties. Expect to feel a bit drained today and to feel pulled back into old memories of when things did not go your way. We are back in the old days and in old patterns that are manifesting us unsavory experiences. But this time we have to go back in order to write the new story of how NOW things go. You are being asked to sit with the low but to vibe highly as you feel how this is no longer what you see in your life. See that this is the ending, and it is coming on so strong because you need to change something inside of you as you hold this in the present. For example, if what you are seeing is around money, and some fear dropped on your path, then you are to tune into your body and to see that this is the last time you will be in such an uncomfortable position as NOW you start seeing that something new will come from this.

Think about someone who has the Phoenix Rising in their soul. This means they have lost it all and they transform INTO POWER because of the experience of the fall and then having to get back up to try again. The Phoenix Rising is to be what we all look forward to because IT IS when we really own power and ARE something that is here to influence others. But it comes from chaos and disaster. Our power comes from what we DON’T want to see! We don’t grow powerful through ease, my loves. As that is just an intellectualized thing. We grow it from falling flat on our face and NOT seeing our plans go as we wished them to be. And until we fall, we are just thinking we are powerful. But until we have been tested, we have no idea how powerful we really are. This time is testing many of you and you are just being asked to trust this transformation process. You are growing better, but like a baby growing teeth, it can hurt at times, and it can get you wanting to cry.

You also are going to need to stand up and draw boundaries over the next few days. This will be about valuing you and not just going along because you feel expected to. You may feel that others are domineering or manipulative or playing some sort of game. You just be the detective and stay open to what things mean but do know we are going towards what feels best. And things that feel off ARE OFF. We are learning this in our bodies and are to grow bold in going towards what we feel inside instead of what we see on the outside.

Be aware that if anyone is saying goodbye around today, be with love as you allow them to leave. Don’t make the door hit them in the ass so that they REALLY feel how happy they are to be leaving. Be with peace and trust that we all are working to manifest what supports us doing more with our lives. And some characters may keep you feeling small or as if you can't move forward. You can allow these blocks to be what you have to climb over and work through, but you don’t have to. You can choose for you and see that saying no isn’t the worst thing because it gets you closer to what is a yes. You don’t just buy whatever clothes are on the shelf, so don’t just give yourself away because some door is open. You get to choose, and you need to choose for what is clear as day a YES and not a maybe this is just good enough.


You don’t just buy whatever clothes

Are on the shelf.

So don’t just give yourself away

Because some door is open.

Make sure this door celebrates you.

Because you deserve to be seen

And supported for your authentic ways of being.

No is a great decision getting you closer to the actual yes.




MOON DEGREES: 30 Libra to 12 Scorpio


NUMEROLOGY:    1  8  9 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.