friday 3 september

Now loves. This day is going to be super heavy for many of you, but I really like it! So keep with how it is to unfold and don’t give up because it feels like WAY TOO MUCH and you are just done with fucking around with old world things. Today IS to pack a punch that sparks you alive and gets you wanting to stand up and demand a better life. The friction is to get you stopping some pattern where you have been contributing to what is needing to fall apart. Just how we contribute to factory farming and the extreme torture that we would cry over if we knew it was happening, but we cancel that viewing out because it tastes so good to swallow.

When truth confronts our eyes, the discomfort forces us to seek for a better solution. You are in some time like this where you can't go back to how it used to be, and you MUST stick with going towards what feels right, even if you do not comprehend how there could be a solution. Don’t get stuck in thinking you need to worry about how to rebuild and fix what has been horribly mismanaged. 

Money or stability is going to come up, and the question is, how do you spend it and what sort of cutting of the corners do you deem acceptable? Do we need to say, hey, I need many cheap things, as if we deserve things made with cheapness in mind -- or can we upgrade and say, hey, I’ll wait for high value; I’ll wait for something that holds me true. 

This energy is about us really walking how we want the better way to be, and it is going to require massive amounts of sacrificing things that ARE killing this planet and hurting others, even if we cannot see the actions of how we spend our dollars. It is better to not spend money than spend it on something that is about deceit or exploitation. To stop what is wrong, we have to stop supporting it – even if it is convenient AF and something we have grown addicted to. Of course we are addicted, the programmed way wants us feeding and supporting the ways they exploit secret things we cannot see. Money is made when control of hand can be placed. So don’t go there. Go where your heart, body and soul FEELS a better way to work together within an eco-system supporting one and all.  Walk and rebuild this new foundation in how things NEED TO BE. Walk it today and you will see it grow beautifully. DO go outside the lines and feel your way to what is grace.

MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Jupiter.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 25 Cancer to 7 Leo
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #8 Resilient AF. #12 Self Love.

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