FRIDAY 3 March

Oh wow! Big energies are rolling through our systems right now and you need to think of this as your computer is getting upgrades and it may have other things in your life feeling a bit off or as if they aren’t keeping up. Just be patient right now because things are morphing still and just like if you put the toothpick in the cooking cupcakes, and it's still liquid, it's NOTHING to worry about, it just means you need more time.

We are further down the bridge of change and it can have many of you waiting for the other shoe to drop, which is what we DO NOT WANT YOU THINKING. We all are getting a bit of fresh air to hit our dreams and the weight of our past can have us sinking things or sabotaging what IS on the way. And this no blame or shame, but we need to awaken to how we push away what would be good because we think we don’t really deserve it because we haven’t seen it before. If you have never had a fully cooked cupcake, is it because you keep checking it when it's not done and then are throwing in the towel on the project thinking you are getting something wrong? Are you stopping before done and thinking that you are not good enough and that you need to accept that uncooked cupcakes is all you get to enjoy?

WELL! It's time to get out of your way and start aligning to what feels good in your body, because seeing the uncooked cupcake is sinking your energy about your whole life potential, WHEN IT'S JUST STILL COOKING. There is nothing wrong. We have GOT to slow down with how we think things need to be and trust that more time is NEVER a bad thing. Rushing is a bad thing. Racing in not where we need you to EVER BE AGAIN – BECAUSE the ultimate goal is just to finish and be at some idealized position that we think will give us peace. BUT. Racing means we skipped important steps and have made this other thing our priority, such as money and attention.

We are changing so that what we really make as our number one goal is HAPPINESS. To be truly happy is to vibrate something that can change the world and shift us into New Earth. In a future society we won't have money to divide the peoples. We will trade skills and gifts. And we now sit on the edge of realizing we have lost so many years of our lives because we keep chasing the old world dreams that have created so many people who don’t even know what happiness is! Just as how I always tell you that 100% of the time, if you feel like crap, you need to hand over money or kindness to someone who is on the streets asking for help. Do you think they want to be there???? Do you think it is not TOTALLY humiliating to ask for help and BEG for someone to care about you???? Do you think it's fun to see cars going by one after the other not even looking at you because they are saying, YOUR PROBLEM, NOT MINE? Do you really think getting a dollar here and there is the way they want to live their life – so they can go off and have ease in not having to work?? NO. They want to work. They want stability. They want what YOU HAVE, but something knocked them off path and now they are waiting for someone to inspire them to see that they CAN change, and they CAN start over.

I picked up this one woman in her 50s the other day who lost everything because of this man she dated who stole her inheritance and took out all these credit cards and put her into about 30k in debt. I drove her about 20 miles to this place on the mesa she was staying and coached her every step of the way on how to transform things. I just did everything to show her that there IS potential in the future and that this is not how the story ends. I said, I pulled a u-turn to come pick you up and go in the opposite direction of my plans. I told her how she needs to keep seeing that someone is coming and that it will turn out okay. She honesty was the sweetest woman with the sweetest black pitty named Spooky, and she was thrown into this homelessness – when it was probably the last thing she could have imagined happening.

And what I know is that I produced JOY from being someone who isn’t just driving by with savings galore and ideas that I don’t have anything to share. I gave that woman LIFE-- and assisting her gave me inner joy and the knowing that I AM making a difference and I AM NOT just making everything all about me. THAT IS THE KEY. Don’t forget .35 cents from 100 people is $35. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO GIVE, and when we do, we collectively make a difference.

There is a new way for YOU TO WALK EARTH -- and it's starting now. So make everything about all of us and just see how much better things fall into place for you. We only shift this world when we start looking out at others as equals and deserving of all the good things we got to experience too. The old world says, if I didn’t get something, why should you?! The new world says, I didn’t get something so I don’t want anyone else knowing that same thing.



MOON DEGREES: 26 Cancer to 7 Leo (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  3  4



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