FRIDAY 24 February

Okay then! Be on the lookout for someone to cross your path today where they are bringing an important message about what you need to see that MAY be keeping you from your dreams. This is confusing matter because it deals with our value system and how we are accepting less than OR looking out at the world and are unable to see that we have a place. It can have many of you feeling insecure and flawed in what you see about the choices you have made.

Now love. I want you to hold space for understanding that all your moves HAD to take place. They were not mistakes. The consciousness of who you were back then chose for things without question, and it's only the evolved version of now that has you thinking, HOW COULD I HAVE DONE THAT?! This is the ladder of life, where we get higher and see more sides of our actions and the repercussions of how they ripple forth. But while in them, we truly thought we were doing what was best, or at least it was all we could give of ourselves. It's time to drop the shame and blame as we look at things from our past that now register in different ways.

Just remain as open as you can to not putting yourself down and worrying about being too far gone. This is not anemia here! There is NOT a too far gone as your purpose IS to fall many times but to still get back up with higher levels of value in attracting more honoring associations and situations. All the changes on the way are going to come from YOU seeing that you deserve more than you have asked for in your past. Therefore, there may be tangles with others that need you going to the root of what got you in this position. Most likely, there are thoughts around you needing to be a certain way or needing to fall in line. It may deal with you NOT listening to your body and going along as you were expected to, where NOW something is showing up and saying that not seeing eye to eye matters.

This is similar to yesterday when I was making the point that connections happen – or they don’t. We aren’t here to fall in love with everyone or to be besties with all that cross our path. And rather, there is a special tone when we are in alignments, and it is NOT to come every day of the year because we need many no’s in order to really see what a yes truly is. We can't learn if ALL is yes, or no. But we can trust that no will not last forever and it just calls us to keep working at KNOWING our yes is in the future somewhere.

Just like with house hunting, it is no, no, no, no and then somewhere in there eventually comes the yes. With my new home I am in, this is the first one to feel so good in my body. It is not perfect, as it has things that could be improved upon, but I feel really at home here and things aren’t triggering me to be upset about anything. It is just like with good friends, where you can be yourself and you don’t have to fake anything to be what you think they want you to be. It is only when we are mismatched that we think we need to be someone else. And think about that. Like, really think about that. There is a HOME to your life and your choices and it's on you to see that you deserve that comfort and resonance. Don’t leap into any no’s just because you think there have been too many already. Just like with romantic love, WAIT it out!!!! There is someone there who will make you feel perfect for the way you are and the past you have learned from. Until they are on your horizon, all you can do is KNOW you deserve the good things.

AND that is powerful to be so sure of your value in the world. So don’t compromise with your space and how things make your body feel. Love on you first and the world has to match that vibration.




MOON DEGREES: 29 Aries to 11 Taurus (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6 



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