FRIDAY 2 December

Good morning sweet loves! Okay. There has been this thing happening where upgrades are trying to come to the Earth but the density among the peoples is sort of making it challenging to reach as many people as possible. I’ve been shown this happening 3 times in the past few weeks and it IS a big deal because it’s saying that YOU AND ME have got to be the ones stepping up and reaching for some mysterious and wonderful situation to be our reality. We have GOT to hold hope for something greater that is NOT YET in our space. We have GOT to stop seeing how fucked up the world is and how wrong WE got things to be in what we see that is making us unhappy.

You and me have to be the ones stepping into some leadership space where we are going for something and are not letting go until we land safely in what is to feel like bliss. I was shown the image of needing to be on a bus that will take us away, but if we don’t go to the bus stop and wait for it, we aren’t going to get to our destination. And if we wait too long to go for what we want, we miss the bus.

So we HAVE to have this experience where we are GOING to or for something but there will be the element of needing to wait for what will take us there. So nothing is instantaneous right now, and for that reason, many are wanting to give up and go back inside and be bummed out on the couch watching TV and seeing how messed up things are. We HAVE to remove ourselves from what is dank and depressing and go for some new thing that will eventually take us to where we want to be. So. To break that down. To receive the upgrades, we have to DO and GO FOR --- but we then have to WAIT.

ALSO. Something big happens around these days as we move through the codes of numerology that occurred over the last 2 days and today. It was 1 1 – 0 1 – 1 1. This is the first time we have seen this, or I don’t think I have seen it since documenting the numerology of the days for about 9 years. What this is saying is that these 3 days are where we expand into what is wrong but where we also rewire to start moving into what will be our new correct way. So the days have polar opposite effects where we DO feel jumbled and confused as we face so much that we DON’T WANT, and surrender and wait for our new way to unfold.

But we have been here before. We know the tension and stress of these days and it brings back memories that ARE to get us up and going for the new thing. For many of you, it will be a squeeze that forces you to declare how you now need things to be. So expect to need to get up and go because what is here is NOT good enough for where you REALLY want to be in life. Be assertive and don’t stay where you don’t feel okay. Go to the bus stop with dreams in hand and wait. The bus is picking up more people than normal right now, so it will be late, but don’t go back home to what does NOT feel great. There is something really big for you to wish for and we need you not backing down even though it will take a bit more time to materialize.




MOON DEGREES: 1 to 13 degrees ARIES  (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)






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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.