friday 17 september

Oh hello F R I D A Y!

Heads up on today being a 22 day! It is so important because we are in the Aquarius moon, and this is when we really are to be looking for the upgrades and for SOMETHING to come that helps us feel like things are falling into place or we are coming together and a difference IS being made. 

BUT – on this day, you also face something that is like testing to see if you are tall enough to ride the rollercoaster. So, a barrier that must be crossed is in place to check that you have done the work and can pass on by. Whatever sort of grade you get, you need to accept. But don’t get mad to the point you say things you will later regret. 

Remember that the programming got us to feel entitled and like babies where we are just always so vocal about how mad we are about things not going our way. BUT. On Karma Earth, to vibe something is to manifest it. So, all the clapping about just brings more reason to be a clapper. Don’t resist what is organically coming your way. See how you can stick with things that get you feeling like something is wrong with you, and still continue on to be the rebel who isn’t buying into all the mental demons trying to get you falling off the fence. You got what it takes, and you just need to cross the precarious passageways with grace. This energy DOES NOT want you crossing boundaries with others where you play that you are their boss. It wants you observing instead of judging. 

If you feel called to do something totally out of the norm and where you are making a sharp point, get to it. The day wants you NOT doing what you would do in the old world. It wants you vibing to your intuition so that you learn to be more spontaneous with your time as you see there is something to this, and something to why you are being called to break rules and not do what you said you would do.

We are in a sweet space where we are to come together with others and feel more empowered to keep with our big dreams. BUT. We come together when we least expect it – like, when you suddenly look in one direction and another person just shows up in that spot just suddenly looking up at you. Things are to come together like magic because IT IS time to come together. Listen to where you feel called to go and go because something awaits along the way that will inspire you so. THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT.

Be an artist with whatever mediums you are given and create a work of art around going for what feels like joy. Listen to your heart and go towards what sparks good feelings. You need to vote more and to see that when you do, you get the more that you were wanting. You are NOT separate from what you wish to attain. You are connected and just waiting for the train to come and take you there. But waiting isn’t a bad thing.


17 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Venus. Uranus.
MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling
MOON DEGREES: 9 to 22 Aquarius

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