SUNDAY 19 February

Okay loves! I’m skipping some days this time and jumping to the present because I was working on readings and ended up channeling an amazing teaching that I want to share in another way -- and not in the daily fleeting readings. It was so good and made such an amazing point, but I would rather share it in a live video where you can see me talking it out!

SO. Many of you are being yanked down into spaces that have you feeling sort of depressed or as if you don’t have a place in the world. What is actually happening is that we are really seeing how superficial and fake most things are because of the truth that those with privilege are the ones studying everyone else’s research and positioning themselves as the authorities. In the paradigm as it is currently, with money, you can go ANYWHERE, and unfortunately, the spiritual scene with all the ancient wisdom is a hot spot to be exploited.

So we have people broadcasting all the hidden truths as a way to elevate their position in your eyes. But. Have they really walked the talk? Have they ACTUALLY pulled themselves out of the gutter and risen to greater heights because of the work they walked? Do they REALLY know the terrain of the journey up the mountain -- OR are they at basecamp where they have read all the books and studied from all the original bringers of wisdom – and now want to point the way for others to follow. We have a world where people really just want to be self-employed newscasters and spokespeople for things, with a huge LACK of those with integrity sharing the wisdom of the experience they 100% know and have embodied.

We all walk particular experiences, that I will be talking about in the High Rise Teaching. And we all are here to share the wisdom of what we KNOW -- and not just what we intellectualize. There is a story in each of us that comes from inside, but most people do not value themselves enough to trust what is hidden deep within and instead would rather get all the info and answers from others. This is the human infliction where we give away our power to those who pay to be seen as our leaders. But are they quality through and through, or just superficial with an outer layer of intellectualized knowing and authority? Until WE really do our work, we chase the fake because we think they really know because they grew up with the silver spoon and ease, so WE MUST be able to trust them most, right? WRONG.

Things are crumbling in the world because of this outer layer that makes us think someone is all that, but then inside they haven’t actually experienced the mountain and they don’t actually embody the vibration of the climb from zero to summit. They know the helicopter ride to the top, and with all their higher education or wealth, they point for you to follow. And so many will follow! So many will put all their stock into those who DON’T even know what it is like to really climb this beast of a mountain.

And many of you are waking up to the fraudulent aspects of so much that we chase. If we are superficial ourselves and not trusting our own depths or inner resources, we are automatically going to invest in those who also are a front of what they teach. So this energy is a call out that WE need to do the work and stop chasing the elite to be our guides in life. Don’t be a facsimile like the 99% out there are – who just take and repeat. There is something authentic in you and if you slow down and stop chasing the old world way on things, you will get to the top of the mountain and will truly make a difference on the people who need to see that someone out there is actually walking what they will teach and not just studying it from others who maybe walked it.

We are in new energies now and it is clearly showing how dysfunctional the old world ways have been because money and fame have always been the priority. They have always been #1. And even though you CAN buy fame, millions of followers on insta, book deals and a position as a top dog – but you CAN’T buy happiness. And I guarantee you all would rather be happy than rich – because happiness is this well of good feelings that springs from within and waters everything and everyone around you. Excessive money just buys you too many clothes and too many superficial things that you can't take with you when your time comes to an end.

Ask people in their elder years what was really valuable in life and not one of them will say the money they made. Wake up world. You are chasing all the wrong things and you will need to KEEP CHASING, just like with cocaine, because we are chasing projections that have not been grounded in reality because the walkers of the talk are nowhere to be seen. But the talkers of the walk are everywhere and are constantly vying for your attention. When you do the work, you will see who bought their position in your eyes and who was elevated organically because of the experiences they learned and KNOW. Slow down and allow your rise to be authentic. Don’t be the thin slivers of wood when starting a fire because they do light quickly and come with a big sparkly show, but it is only from dense pieces that your fire will stay around and sustain you. Dense pieces grow from time, dedication and extreme patience with the process.




MOON DEGREES: 16 to 30 Aquarius (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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