friday 14 january

What a big day! So. We have Mercury going retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius and this is really going to pull us back into our mental spaces and the attention we give to the energy we use when saying and thinking things. We are in for a massive recalibration space where we really get what we are putting out there AND we will be discovering solutions a plenty that are dream come true and the perfect kind of surprises that awaken you.

It is to be an active time where the answers come to things that were super tied up and confusing on which way to go. This Mercury retrograde will bring clarity to disconnections as it will bring us closer to who and what really moves us to do more in life. Today is going to reveal something that we are surprised to hear about. Just like how last month in the Taos News they finally admitted chemtrails as this company was needing to send in an application to do cloud seeding on the Taos Mountain in order to manufacture storms to keep the ski valley busy with tourists.

The article said Colorado has been in this cloud seeding program for decades and Vail for 40 years, I think. I forget now, but we were all like, WHAT?!! For decades we have been laughed at for saying they are spraying something in our sky and all the news media says, no that is contrails, not chemicals, you wild conspiracy theorist!! But this article was like, YEP, it's chemicals, AND we been doing it for DECADES – actually.

Something else is like that now where they have said, nope, nothing to see here! And now it's like, oh yeah, it's something and it's what you thought! People are confessing things that kept you spinning out KNOWING something was going on, but having higher forces tell you that you are wrong. Now the illusion reveals something even bigger and the truth revealing is what we had been thinking.

Do know, all the chaos of this world has a place and it's always moving us into the light – even though the trials and tribulations are unimaginable for us to truly place into a higher picture. We have to trust, but how things come together and influence each other can be wild for us to comprehend.

What we have now in the world are testing situations that return you to a feeling you’ve had in your past where now confirmation comes, and you see you CAN trust yourself. Just as we are to question authority, not just because we can, and to then be a negative force looking for evil, but when something feels off in our bodies. People are SO disconnected from the voice of their true intuition, and we need these return experiences that get us to see, I KNEW IT, so that we learn to value that voice when it speaks again when we least expect it to.

I have an amazing guidance system that warns me in ways like there is going to be a dog crossing the road, you’re going to need to slow down, there is a turn you need to take. And now I know it, so I trust it. And THIS ACT is what places me more comfortably in the world in seeing I am but a player with all these other players and I can TRUST what my body tells me even though my mind maybe can't make sense of things. We need to see that our feelings were correct in order to tame the beast of our minds and keep it from keeping us from our destiny. And we need interesting moments like now to show that we DID have feelings telling us so.


14 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune. Moon/Mars.

MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Mars.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 14 to 24 Gemini



MERCURY RETROGRADE 10 degrees Aquarius

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