FRIDAY 14 April

GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Now I am seeing a theme for this pulled back to process moon phase where we are really in tune with what is out of balance in the world and in our lives. Just know you are seeing many things and they all seem to be tests in checking to see how YOU handle what you receive. But at the same time the lost time that occurred over the last few weeks has shifted things so that our manifesting abilities are SUPER SPED UP. This will last for a few more weeks but this gift is here to really show us what we vibrate and how all the hidden things inside MATTER.

You have always heard me telling you about gossip and how it is the most hurtful thing to do TO THE PERSON DOING IT. To sit and want to get others to your side in circulating hatred or mean thoughts is FUN TO DO for some people but it is so damaging because what we think and say is going out there to plant a future that WE will walk. To hate on another is to hate on ourselves and our own potential. What you see in others IS ALWAYS INSIDE OF YOU TOO. If you cruelly judge others, you judge yourself the same way.

So we are to stop in our tracks when we want to dispel putrid ideas – even if someone has done something horribly wrong – we still by default will take on that energy in talking and thinking in those ways. ESPECIALLY in this wild window of instant manifestations based on what we truly are vibrating and believing inside. Just know that we are working to not so quickly see darkness in others. Just as I tell you to question authority, especially in this world of people just paying to be put into those positions -- but this does not mean first thing, look for dirt. It means, don’t go trusting everyone just because they assert themselves to authority positions. Don’t bow down and obey JUST BECAUSE someone is trying to lead you some way. But don’t go expecting everyone to be a fraud. Because it will be something that YOU feel about yourself that now you are projecting onto others. So be smart in not buying into all, but don’t immediately try to find something negative about people. This is a bad habit that we have gotten used to because it keeps us from facing that we are pieces of that energy too. The more you are love on the inside, the more you will feel compassion and love for others on the outside.

Also I want you to play with this energy in sending out blessings to people around you in need. If you see people on the street, don’t turn away because you are afraid of that same situation becoming your life. Instead do what you can, even if it is just sending them blessings and seeing that OTHERS will step up to provide them care. There was this guy looking so small asking for help with a sign saying he was hungry, and I was turning right to go home but I turned left so I could go over to him and give the $2 I had in the car.

After I turned, I pulled a u-turn to go back to where I was headed, and I saw this other guy in a truck that was now right next to him. I was like, PLEASE HELP. Give something! You will feel so much better if you do!!!! -- And then the driver looked over at the guy and you could see he felt uncomfortable and then he started digging in his car to hand him some change! It felt so good to see because so many of us just drive on by and don’t want to think about others in need. You know I always talk about this -- but I am now seeing SO MANY PEOPLE step up to finally do something – and besides me, I have ONLY seen MEN stepping up. This is a REALLY good sign, actually. That compassion is coming to the masculines out there is fantastic.

And there is room for YOU to help too. TODAY if you do, something will bless YOU. Before I helped this guy, I picked up this older black man and drove him to the mesa where he has lived for 30 years. Which we had such an amazing conversation! I told him I would pick him up anytime I see him in need. So I had 2 good deeds under my belt, and when I got home, I had the best sales day in over a year. For sure, what I gave came back 1000 fold. So use this energy to see that YOU WILL BE BLESSED when you look out and do what you can for people hanging by a thread who are looking for someone like you to have compassion.


You are the seed

That is to plant hope in others

Who are hanging by a thread

And not believing they have a home here.

One little thing from you

Means the world to those in need.

2023 is the year of give and you shall receive.

So don’t hold back

If you want to see

Your own life blossom into the dream.

Today wants to bless you enormously.




MOON DEGREES: 5 to 19 Aquarius


NUMEROLOGY:    1  6  7 



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