friday 1 october

Oh hello F R I D A Y!


Good morning! Okay. This does not exactly feel like the best way to start October, but for sure we are going to feel super sensitive over something that feels like it has hit our ego and we are not being seen the way we need to be seen. Others may be too consumed with their own lives or miss the mark in delivering what you hoped they would bring. 

Today is important for you to see how you dance with others and how you can STAY OUT of provocation or ways that you take things the wrong way and make them personal or into something that proves that you are not good enough. The test is to see how you handle the sensitivity and turn it inward -- or use your voice to be clear about how you need things to be a different way. Expect to stand your ground and to be precise in drawing boundaries -- but be sure to keep it high vibe and seeking for a solution. Don’t go into this old world style where you think you have to fight for what you want or that there is not enough to go around. 

Be conscious of your ego and work to create peace, no matter how the chaos abounds. Be like a child and expect things to work out and others to get their shit together.  Just don’t take on the world and think that we are all doomed. Have more confidence in seeing that problems arise for voices to grow stronger in placing better foundations and ways to be. We don’t have to be fearful of what is not total harmony. We are to see that WE are here to be like nurses who just face what comes without thinking they can't handle it. 

This time wants you feeling like the sun is always shining on you when you need it to and therefore you are allowed to just sing and be creative and feel joy as you go about your day. Inside of you there is a seed sprouting that wants to take a risk of the heart and do something YOUR WAY. It will be through play that you get to discover the next steps.

Don’t let others dominate you onto another path. There will be a test of wills or old world obligations that will try to pull you into something that actually FEELS DRY and lifeless. My love, wake up and see that you don’t have to do for others just because they think you do – ESPECIALLY if it feels lifeless to you. It is not selfish when you choose for yourself and for your happiness. It's selfish to not notice others or to be so self-involved that you don’t even care about how they are. But it is not selfish to choose your day for YOU. Be clear with your heart and choose for you.



1 October 2021
MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 3 to 15 Leo

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