FEB 9 | Wednesday

People and things are coming our way so that we can feel them out and learn to make honorable decisions that don’t allow the hate to be what dominates the show we see. This is all about processing people and feeling them so intensely that you either want to push yourself out of the way from them and get as far as you can be or come closer and spend more time in getting to know one another. With love on the inside, you don’t stay around in what makes you sick or gets you furious in wanting to have the last word or bash another with the anger you feel. That is not self-love because love on the inside would not want to hurt a fly. From self-love, we see all our actions carry truth and are delivered in one form or another.

At this point of the journey, you need to be the one stepping up and stepping away from what is toxic and gross. I was so stoked to be on twitter as I’ve wanted to for years – and I finally have been seeing what it's about and so far, it's SO MEAN. It's so low vibe. I was shocked at how everyone is like shit on that person, shit on that idea, shit on that whole group of people, shit, shit, shit. Like, fuck. It was like all the most unhappy people bitching about everything and others getting off on it and cheering them on. And from self-love, no way is that going to occupy my day. I just walked in a room where everyone is smoking cigarettes, and NOW I’m backing out of the room to NOT allow my energy to share space.

So --- expect to have to be this way where you are changing on what you said, but you are going for things that bring more compassion and love into your life. To stay hooked into twitter, and all the media and social spaces, is to stay dead on into the matrix. Where you do get back what you put into it. Even a few minutes of what I spent on twitter took me a few hours to get over. But no way, my loves. You are so much better than all that anger bashing that is killing everyone who plays. See how dead they are. DON’T GO THERE. Love is your answer and flexibility is the way. CHANGE when things don’t feel okay. Don’t accept or just look away.


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