FEB 4 | Friday

Today you are getting into the nitty gritty of what limiting thoughts you have been holding that have been keeping you from really believing that upgrades can be. If you think there is no potential, you stay focused on resenting what stands in your way. With potential, what stands in your way is just something building your character with a mountain to climb that is all about making you stronger. When you see there is potential in all, you don’t get so down on roadblocks and disconnections and ways that life is not going your way. With potential, you don’t take things so seriously and personally to the point you spend most of your life upset at others for how they ruffle your feathers.

It's time for a new day and a new way in how you process others so that it doesn’t change you or get you furious at what they are not. The game of life asks that you stay in your own lane and focus on your own wounds so that when you look at others in their lane, you only hold love in the view you see of them and what they do. Not the division and difference and lesser than opinion of what others may be doing with your critical eye on how you think they should be.

We are here to make many mistakes on the Earth Walk and they all deal with mistakes we’ve made in this life and in past lives. We are to never really know why we get what we get, but NOW WE KNOW that what we put out there, we DO get. So – we have to work on ourselves so deeply that we rebuild the ways we are cold and hurtful because of pasts where we were abandoned and treated with no compassion.

We are to condition ourselves back into true form where we aren’t still wanting to hurt others because we have been hurt before and now get off on seeing others in pain. Kind of like, well if I didn’t get free college, why should you?! The division comes from your wounds, and when you face how hurtful your pain now makes you with others, you will work to heal and rebuild where before your anger got you wanting to tear down. There is a better way and if you walk it and talk it and be it to the core, you will see that it feels good to want others to be blessed and loved. And then, so will be your own life.


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