FEB 3 | Thursday

Big day alert! We have Mercury going direct on an 11 day and when the Moon is in Pisces. This says that NOW we know about a new story we want to tell, and it deals with us making a shift into holding a more compassionate position on life and learning to trust the flow of whatever may rise KNOWING that we live in a WIDLY magical and mysterious universe. There is so much more beyond the programmed “matrix” and in the actual matrix of the Great Mystery. There is a beyond that is beyond our comprehension – but many of us are waking to seeing that if we hold something inside, IT IS showing up.

When we are more loving, we ARE seeing more loving people out in the world. When we are hurtful and mean and disrespectful, we DO see more hurtful, mean and disrespectful people out in the world. We are in a new space where it is clear that it is not going to work to hold diminishing thoughts inside and to see that you are a failure or are a victim that is NOT going to have wishes granted, and who should just accept defeat.

No way! No more of that talk, my love. If you are going to have thoughts operating in your mind, you need to be the patient goat who dreams of beautiful grasses to eat at the top of the mountain. Your thoughts need to be about seeking for more than you have seen before and NOT fearing yourself into places in your past with proof that things have not worked out. I promise you, think they won’t work out, and they won't! But think they will work out, and they will.

The energy is matching your vibration in order to slam you awake into seeing the curse of talking and acting hurtfully. You can't eat something and NOT take on the vibration of its life. This is why factory food brings you a sad and hopeless vibration. It may taste good going down, but it is toxic because it was tortured and scared. You are what you say, what you think, what you eat, what you do. So wake up and step up and walk the talk in order to sit sweetly in New Earth. Do what is right and right will be done to you. It all bites back in February – OR it loves you better than you have ever been loved. It starts with you.


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