FEB 24 | Thursday

Good morning sweet love! So – we step even more confident that things have changed, and WE are changed, and it is time to create a new belief in what we feel life is all about and what we can do with our short time on Earth. 

Now there is a test to this day that deals with you ALMOST going back into the old patterns and thinking maybe you can't believe in a better future to unfold for you. But honor this test and know that you may feel super incompetent or unqualified or wishy washy about what you DO want to create as a new reality, and this is just like a wobbly bridge that you are crossing that needs you grounding something down and continuing to patiently walk the journey that requires you take a leap of faith and trust that things will work out. 

This means MOST of you do not have the thing you want just yet, but the test is seeing how much you want it! This can be like letting someone go who you love and hoping that the absence will bring them to the reality that they DO love you and DO want to be with you. We need this void space before we actually acquire our wishes so that we can really muster up the energy that discovers how much you REALLY want this new thing to be there for you and to be a part of your future. Expect to feel totally lit up and ready to charge towards this new thing but to also see something as the catalyst testing how much you want this new change. 

You also will have run ins with others who are here to bring imbalance or strong emotions that almost get you wanting to give up. They are here to try to pull you off of the balance beam and back into an old-world habit that you were contributing to. Honor that they are a gatekeeper, in a way, and you need to pass this test before you will see more movement in your future. Consider this like being in recovery and someone is showing up to tempt you with a drug that you USED to love but now you know is going to bring you down and not allow you to move forward in life. 

It's time for you to say NO and to not cave because things are trying to scare you or get you thinking that you won't succeed with your dream, and you need to just follow along and accept defeat. This day is full of tests from old world things that are invitations of your own soul to believe for the greater thing and to not give up because no one around you has done what your wish can one day be.

You also will be making connections that deal with something that started about 5 weeks ago. Expect to come to a solution or to see the answer arrive that had you in limbo on how to rebuild something that no longer supports you. Something about the tests of this day will bring rewards to answers you have needed since the first weeks of 2022. So be clear in not letting others take you down because the test is about you rising above and hoping for a better view. Don’t accept that there is no way to grow and go for you. Believe in the mystery to provide what you envision can come true.


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Do you do personal readings? I would love to get a 1:1!!

Callie February 24, 2022

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