FEB 20 | Sunday

This day is going to be highly sensitive for all of you but where something now is clear about another side you need to see that you weren’t opening up to. This will be about feeling moved, even if you want to stay put, and allowing it to get you seeing there IS something better for you. But honestly, I feel discomfort in this reading and how it is the catalyst that you have been waiting for.

You need to face that often we don’t just upgrade while sitting here looking pretty; we upgrade through tears and confusion forcing us to look beyond where we currently are stuck in something. So, change your perspective when you can’t see the way and when something is not working as it should. This is when we are to show that we GOT THIS, even if it scares us and forces us to rebuild when we thought something was solid and sure.

Something is coming back, and you are going to get the opportunity to show yourself in a way that has traveled a journey and now you are talking differently about how you expect things to be. This can be like going through a squeeze where you learn a new skill that then has you thinking you CAN handle what feels like an unbearable load. But until you walk that first squeeze, you don’t know that you got it in you, and you MAY want to muddy up your brain in finding ways to think you DON’T got it in you. 

We need the challenges. We need the stress. We need the pressure. And we need it in order to create a new story on how we want our lives to be. We need to WORK for the good things – and not just have them handed to us with privilege where we never really get a solid grasp on the human experience and gratitude for how far we have come. The easy way creates people who just buy their way to the top and they NEVER hold the actual vibration of the walk. So, then they need to purchase physical things in order to feel valuable and essential. But ease is not the way to true happiness! 

Free rides from the exploitation of generations before us or the manipulation through promotions and money buying our fame are NOT the ideal way to grow spiritually. We learn to love ourselves and love our life FROM what is humble and basic. I am a true believer in caps on the wealth of others because I have seen the children that are created and how different they are to people who grew up working hard for what they get in life. People are night and day when they grew up with too much money supporting their every move versus those who are the starving artists having to balance paying the bills and THEN supporting their art. I actually recently have discovered that the majority of recognized artists out there grew up with wealth! They didn’t have to work the side job to be the poet or the painter or the book writer. They got to buy the easy way to fame, and from what I have discovered, there are very few well known artists who came from poverty.  That’s unbelievable to me – and it means the best artists are still unknown and struggling to get grounded in order to fly their dreams far and wide. 

So, this message is for those of you who have not had it easy and ARE having to work to create first generational wealth. Know that our world is changing, and we are attracted to authenticity on the inside and true experience of working for the climb. If you got there with an elevator ride, how are you going to influence anyone to be authentic and true? Elevator rides have NO IDEA of the steps to be climbed and can only be “leaders” of sharing shadow images on the walls. Upgrade yourself to be someone who sees beyond the Kardashian dreams and squint your eyes so that you can see what is REAL and what KNOWS from walking the floors that gift a vibration that WILL naturally get you to soar. 

Don’t give up on your artistic dreams because the journey feels too hard. The new awakened souls don’t want money behind your goals, they want truth that you KNOW how to get yourself out of the gutter and into our attention with the beauty that can ONLY be found from walking the experiences. The New Earth way wants to know you have lost it all before you find the dream. So be okay sitting on the sidelines as you discover your thing. The hard road is MOST ideal in getting you to vibrate as something that will assist others behind you who need to know YOU figured your way up the mountain without the helicopter ride that a lot of people take.





all art suffers under capitalism 💔 sending love to everyone reading!!

Maddie February 20, 2022

thank you for giving me hope! i needed these words because i’m buried in the scarcity struggle and forgetting to focus on my art. i’ll trust that walking is better then flying. this brings peace to my heart today!!

Shaina February 20, 2022

I grew up in NYC and this article was for me! I’m a struggling artist and work the side jobs to support my creative dreams. I’ve seen how money assists artists becoming famous artists. Thanks for giving light to this topic because the struggle is real for many undiscovered artists who are working as baristas or concierge to pay the rent before art can be considered. I’m in a collective that supports artists who first have to support themselves and we are taught to see that our gifts are made stronger from the struggle. I woke up today feeling left out and your reading charged me up with energy again. Thanks for reminding me that my gifts matter and I need to keep with believing in them even though the road is brutal.

Zandra February 20, 2022

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