FEB 18 | Friday

Good morning sweet loves! Today you will be tested with relationships where another will come with big drama, like the boogeyman with all the fears of what could be, and it is on you to not blend into what will yank your head under water and get you feeling lost TOO. 

You may notice others are in a daze as they try to process WHAT TO DO and how to get to a grounded position in life. Be the light in showing them that a dream is but a vision away and that we don’t have to keep going back to old story lines where we think of all that can go wrong. You are being asked to be glass half full and to see into there being another side, even if you can't yet see it. 

This energy is about birthing dreamers who will hold steady into a magical new vision and not let go because the way is not clear as day. It is so easy to see all that can go wrong and to focus into the nightmares that may ensue – but why do we do this? Well, you were programmed to do this, actually! The energy of Earth is like Taos Mountain and what you wish for is what you will see. And controlling influences that want you traveling small are spreading a disease that will get you thinking there is no way out. 

But there IS! There 100% is an answer for ALL OF YOU. But it comes from a new view where you bravely look into a far-off location and pray with all your might that you get there safely. There is nothing wrong with hoping that the best will manifest. There is NOTHING wrong with thinking you WILL win even if all you have seen is that you lose and have to suffer. It's time to think as if something is about to end and a new pattern will be playing out. You need to be like the person knowing the airplane will land shortly and what and who you wish for will be coming your way. It's time to play more with life and to stop being the depression era in how you see the next days play out for you.

You may have not been loved the way you needed to see, or supported to be a dreamer and to have faith in your visions, but it's time to rediscover a way to walk in the world where your commands are positive and are expecting things to come together harmoniously. What you plant will grow – and it's time to believe in this truth even if storms are there and everyone around you is buying into the pain of what next could be. It's time for us to lead the way as we see for harmony and to trust that we are the minority – so don’t go expecting everyone to be the love if they still are buying into and manifesting pain. Be compassionate with others who are dazed and confused, and don’t expect that they are any indication of what you can do. Don’t let go of seeing how FAR you can go and DO KNOW your energy is being heard and IS attracting you exactly what you think things will be. Go higher, dreamer, and don’t let go until your toes touch something heavenly.



KV! I’m so grateful for your gifts! I have been following you for years and these readings are so supportive in how you explain things! THANK YOU for all you do! I’m a better person because of YOU.

Lisa February 18, 2022


Leah February 18, 2022

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