FEB 12 | Saturday

Today is HELLA powerful – be aware and awake with this. First off, we have an 11 day, this means the veils are super thin and other things can easily contact you. Just know that a scent or memory coming out of nowhere IS coming from something close. Do start the day with a declared boundary that only love can come near you. Just be clear that you welcome in sweet things ONLY. This day is to be about love and light, and you need to first send out that intention.

We also are in the space of full on vision into seeing what is wrong with things and how it is hurting other things. This is about the collective undoing where we all are undoing each other – and being pulled under water by others trying to stay afloat. It is when we are to really touch into community and that we all are connected, but also waking up out of spells in seeing all the ways we do harm.

As our hearts feel more, or even feel for our own stability, we realize we need to rebuild the world we signed up for and rebirth new patterns around what we contribute our energy towards. This means our hearts will speak up and be okay with new stories around how we would like our lives to be. This IS to be a start over point where we really see that the past is gone, and it is like dried up water that has forced us to migrate and move on. We must listen to the signs and start in on new spaces where we expect to be supported and nurtured in ways that grow us better things to see.

You will be talking about new goals around not chasing money and instead chasing experiences that get you feeling safe and secure. Something from home is what inspires new growth with your career or in what you want to see manifest. Don’t be afraid of hard work or things that need a lot of energy. We are growing something from needs we have around what we would like to see to help us feel like there is room to grow and things are encouraging the betterment of all. -- Not the name calling and shit talking, like what we see most people doing.

You get to start over, my love. So be clear with the art in your heart and keep building around ways you are moved to design what feels good to you. Your body is speaking, and it speaks because it has needs. Allow comfort to be okay and softness to be your way.


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