FEB 11 | Friday

Others are going to discombobulate you today and it's on you to choose for a better plan and to make your feelings a priority on why you decide for what you do. There are to be choices and you may have to cancel a date but go on what you feel and NOT the emotional guilt you feel from others who want you to go as they wish.

This energy is testing us with our emotions where we feel one thing but feel obligated in the brain to go this other way. You may even feel like you are returning to a situation where you did cave and didn’t listen to your heart, and it worked out negatively where you SAW that you really should have valued the little voice inside and the tummy feeling not so right SO THAT you would see this as a STOP warning and not continue on as you first planned.

You are seeing that things didn’t go well the last time you ignored your feelings over your mind or pressure from others. THIS TIME you are to think different and stand strong in going towards what feels right – even if everything around you feels caustic or at an odd angle to where you want to be. Discomfort gets us to choose for us and to make our feelings important. We also grow more in community when we are in discomfort. Pain moves us to do things and it's time to learn to do more loving things and to not stay in the fight and high drama that keeps you mentally missing everything and staying focused into the doom and gloom of what could be.

We just don’t need you creating those stories anymore! Why focus on the worst when nothing has even manifested yet? And if others around you are mentally fused to nightmare scenarios, value your space, and with grace, make your feelings known that you aren’t going to go. This is a no and you have ignored it before. Today is for you to communicate and share what is in the depth of you. Move your visions forward and create the space for others to see you ARE onto something better. Just know the road changes at times to test if you will trust the flow and still carry on even if other things doubt you so.

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