DAILY READING for Sunday 13 June


Good morning sweet beauty! BE AWARE!! This day has so much energy to it where many people are awkwardly asserting themselves, and you just need to keep your eyes up in case someone crosses into your lane. But know that something is getting us to focus on our hearts and how we feel about things. We may bring up conversations around not feeling seen or supported. Expect others to keep it real – and allow them the space. We come from a place that may feel raw and in hiding for too long. Therefore, we act rashly and aggressively or over the top in ways to affirm how we are feeling. People may even show up as childish and all about getting their own attention OR feeling upset because obstacles are not what they planned. You may even chuckle over seeing others lose it when they have to wait. See them as an example that you don’t have to replicate. Do what you can to shine the love and TO CREATE.


13 June 2021


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