DAILY READING for Saturday 12 June


OKAY!! Hello new energy. This is when you really feel that something is changing and that a new flow is bringing you towards a new scene and one that SEES YOU and supports the creative ways you dream of expressing. You are going to be feeling extra creative around the house where you want to spend your time differently as you will see that a cycle is changing, and it feels like there is more potential to expand into. Something is growing and sprouting, and this has people feeling delighted and sort of carefree with their expectations for how things can next be. Many of you will feel like a new season ushered in and NOW you are feeling stoked for a new chapter. You also will notice mainstream folk who are super agitated and grumpy over things. You are to see them with a new eye and a stronger desire to not get so worked up like them. To see agitation is to affirm that you need to protect your space and do it all with grace. Love always wins. Hatred hurts future potential.


12 June 2021


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