DAILY READING for Monday 31 May

Good morning sweet beauties! This day is going to get you talking up a storm! Something happens today and it gets you vocal about what you are feeling and how much you want to do something for the better and also work to upgrade what is around you. This energy connects us to all and gets you thinking about how fortunate you are to have certain things. Something may drop in your lap unexpected, and you’ll need to go with that flow. It may deal with something you are getting good at or another layer of what is going to be expanding in your life. A message comes today, and it shows what is truly vibing on your insides. Use this as a messenger to either affirm and grow larger -- or stop and reconsider. This day guides you clearly to what you need to be seeing about your future potentials. There is a place for you – don’t compromise your space with negative thoughts.


31 May 2021

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Venus.

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