DAILY READING for Friday 18 June

My loves. Expect to feel a bit tired around these days and to experience ascension symptoms where you will feel like you are a seed starting to feel the pressure of breaking through the soil and shifting into a new light and way of being. This day may feel a bit raw for many of you where you still feel confused and aren’t seeing what you thought you would see by now. Trust this moment and stay in light spaces where you can add beauty or balance to things. There is some way that you can process this where you are transforming a situation into a better way of relating. You need to lead and not expect others to just be what you want them to be. You need to show a new way of talking it out so that peace is to be desired and not division. From our wounded ways, we race towards division. From our healed ways, we race towards a desire to personally bring a higher understanding. Try to seek for glass half full and show up smiling.


18 June 2021


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