DAILY READING for Monday 7 June


Sweet babies! Be aware!!!! Today you do not want to tangle with anyone who is not your vibration. Like, seriously. Don’t try to convert or to convince or to bring anyone over to your side of things; stand firm in knowing you only need to buy into what you need to buy at the store. You don’t need to fill your cart with other people’s garbage and NOT get what you really want to get. Draw boundaries and use your voice clear in letting all know if you don’t want to do something. This is a test to get you to sing. With grace, let others know how it is going to be. Use your time to be in creative spaces and expect to be ignited with ideas from something that comes out of the blue, that MAY be triggered by something annoying or cumbersome. Ride the wave and see. Good things come to people who spend their time thinking and doing good things.

7 June 2021

MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Saturn.

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