APRIL 14 | Thursday

Okay. Here is ANOTHER life shifting day. We have had several this month! Today is about you going into the chaos or things that are not all that clear, but doing so with a positive perspective that this is here for you to confront, and that it WILL bring more power to your vibration as actual knowing that you can get through things -- and also that you are more badass that you thought you were!

This day has a big wave that can take you all over the place, so you need to be flexible in how things go. Many of you will be canceling or going back on plans that now feel like they don’t resonate with you for some reason. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have anything concrete to base your data on because the energy wants you being in the dream of something that feels like it is your everything and YOU leaping into it without really knowing if the net will be there to catch you. We all sort of have to take a huge step up before we land into higher grounds -- and there is a big void between the two.

So to make the shift, it takes valuing yourself and believing that you deserve something greater that is still out there waiting to match up with you. We just need you loving yourself so much that you look into the dream and KNOW you will manifest this – instead of thinking of all the doom and gloom reasons for how this WONT come true because so much in your past didnt come true. This energy wants you to believe even if it requires a huge leap of faith.

I first dreamt up my business back in 1999 and before that had NO IDEA this would be my business. And it didn’t come to a reality walked until 2012. But never did I stop knowing this is what I was born to do and it WOULD happen eventually. The self love in my body vibrated in harmony to my dreams, and even though others doubted me and shamed me, I did what my body felt was my journey. And all those years with zero confirmation, I didn’t back down.

You need to find this same flow where you trust something in the future, aren’t going to let go, and NOW commit to enjoying the life you have!! There is so much we can do to bring peace and harmony and better feeling ways to what we experience. And with the dream of a great future, you can ride high in these current times. I remember as a kid, and when in the car, I couldn’t wait to be left alone to just look out the window and daydream. I would see all these things I wished would one day be and it was SO SOOTHING to partake in! You need to make time in your own day to sit in the excitement of what you want to see manifest. Its important that you make the time to see for better things and to awaken to how THAT is the coffee or tea you need to keep you going for the rest of the day.


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