APRIL 13 | Wednesday

This day is super wild and wonderful for many of you! Something is landing and getting grounded that was an idea for some time. This deals with a creative gift or something that affirms your own sense of self-value.

But here is the thing… if your self-value is on the lower side, then what lands here can really have you going glass half empty in seeing your way out of it. Before you go and vibrate in those ways, see that the gift is saying, you don’t value yourself enough and that is not okay to move you forward in these energies. It means what happens now is telling a story that you need to go into in order to find a way to bring things into balance.

To still be in the healing journey in regard to certain repeat manifestations is totally okay! But its time to accept things and work to correct what just needs to be healed and put into better position.

When you get up and go today, its going to be on! This is a great day to put things into order and to work with food or ways to bring about a new goal in how you want to grow a better life. This is the day to really start something that is going in a new direction towards what feels good in your body.

You also are going to notice a change in your heart that is going to get you smelling things differently and seeing more than you used to see. This means you can notice a change in time where its going slower when you really love the moment and pay attention to what is here and now. You may be looking at something that you have seen a million times, but now new details are showing through.

There is to be an expansion of your consciousness WHEN doing these sort of meditative things, where you just be creative or organize and DON’T GIVE YOUR LIFE AWAY to the internet and scrolling and being constantly on the hunt for something. Its time to accept that you get what you get when you need it, and that actually, its best not to keep needing everything to produce right now and give you instant gratification. The hard jobs will be on your mind because they are what you have put off because of all their details. And ultimately, because they didn’t give you that instant good feeling of quick and easy things accomplished.

So use this energy to stay focused, but also fluid, as you change and flow with how you feel called to move around and be more creative or colorful with your life. There IS something else for you and it just requires your heart and soul. But it also rewards you with what IS a dream and something that will feel much better to you. Continue on and keep at the pieces of the puzzle.


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