APRIL 12 | Tuesday

This is it babies! This is your opportunity to level up in regard to the ways you have been mental in life and buying into the script that you were manipulated to think was the truth. Through experiences, we are able to feel things in our heart and to wake up to how we HAVE felt like we don’t have a home and we don’t fit in.

We all know abandonment and rejection and mistakes that we CANT BELIEVE we said yes to in our past. But ---- THIS IS LIFE. This is exactly how it is supposed to be. The wave grooms you so that you really wake up to putting yourself out there and really going for a life you love.

When you lose your mind and find your heart, you discover the dedication you have to creating a world that you love. When you are in your mind, you just pick things apart and hate on so much. When in love, you are happy with your life and value your space, and you don’t want to taint it with toxic things. You don’t race to the phone to check the news or focus on someone that is triggering you. You wake up and realize we all are in the healing journey TOGETHER to wake each other up.

We all are tools for each other to be better and to also choose for what loves on us over what makes us feel like we aren’t that special. We need YOU to grasp this concept right now and, in your vibration, as you are going to be able to leap into a new way of life IF you really get what you are reading. Its time to lay down your arms and to see how you are intentionally hurting yourself, self-sabotaging, by doing certain things in your life that just need you with more discipline around what you will or will not take in.

Be brave today in all your dealings and expect that you will be taking a risk of the heart that leaves others upset with you and you still needing to do this with grace and determination as you know that your heart is singing a new song and it has to come together with this dream that feels so right. Seeds are growing and some things are now starting to blossom in your heart. Keep with the maintenance of what feels like this brings purpose to your life. And know that you are growing something that has a lot of steps to it and each one of them needs you walking in a different way than you used to.

This energy wants to flip your system around so that you really hold awareness of how special you are and deserving of good things. It just wants you seeing like you know all your needs will be met and you don’t have to fight for anything. You need to plant royalty seeds in your heart -- or start working with #19 Prosperity Consciousness in our shop! Its time to believe you are magic and will get all the bounty you VIBRATE. (Because its true).


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