Moon Phases



As a rule with NEW MOONS, know that this is a STARTING POSITION. It is great to start and dream things that will grow and blossom LATER in time. This is a planting time. I do caution you to NOT launch actual projects at this time as this is a DARK MOON; and things in the dark may be confusing to others, so they won’t see the magic you are wanting to offer. But if you want to do a test run for something that you are okay with having a slow start, go for it and try out this cycle. Just understand that if you want the best reception for a project launch, then you want the brightness of a few days BEFORE the Full Moon.

Agreements made at this time tend to be too optimistic and OFTEN do not come to pass or end up not being what you had expected. If you come together with someone in a romantic partnership, someone who wants to collaborate at this time, or someone who has an idea for a GREAT NEW PROJECT, just know you need to let some time pass before you get all stoked and ready to take this big time. This is not the Moon to believe that THIS IS IT or THIS PERSON IS THE ONE! We are just not really seeing clearly at this time as things can appear more sparkly than they really are! This is the best time to start taking a class, (that was offered around a Full Moon), start writing a book, start a new health plan, or take the first steps of a long process. This is a great time to start learning something new.




This is the best moon phase to really move forward on the dreams of the New Moon. I have always noticed that 4 days after the New Moon or Full Moon, something happens to show me if my intentions were for the best. Look for what happens around that time!

For example, if at the New Moon I was thinking about taking a class, then 4 days later I will run into someone talking about the class in a positive or negative manner, showing up as a sign for me. Or if I was thinking about starting a new supplement/herb regimen, 4 days later I will somehow, maybe through a person or an article, find something that either moves me to really say YES or maybe wait and see if there is something better out there for me. So keep with the 4 day rule!

At this phase you are very enthusiastic but also tend to attract obstacles -- maybe as instigation to keep moving forward or to reconsider an idea you were thinking of following. Competition DOES seem to show up at this time, but it usually will fuel you in some way. This will be a busy time that is action oriented when you will be very focused on moving forward with your dreams and enthusiastically doing whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling. This is a time to ACT, ACT, ACT!

Do not waste this energy with just thinking things over or sitting back and pondering the next move. Just MOVE. Through trial and error, I have found my favorite times to fully launch a new creative project, or something I want long term success with, is around THIS Moon phase and up until a few days after the Full Moon.




This is the COMPLETION moon phase, and things can feel very intense! We know that this time brings more people to the hospital than any other Moon phase. Many people are losing their heads at this time. It is ALL OUT THERE and completely exposed with this Moon phase.

We can feel very restless or out of control. This marks a time when people naturally do not sleep that well. This is the Moon Phase that has you tossing and turning, so you might as well accept it and use the energy to allow messages to come through because ANSWERS are also out in the open at this time. I would recommend putting or sending the questions out there with this Moon Phase, whether to your doctor, to your partner or to your guides… because this is the time of “ask and you shall receive.”

And for that reason, I also encourage you to already have dreams out there and in motion a few days before this Moon phase hits. You WANT the brightness of the Full Moon, but you also want the energy of excitement that occurs JUST before it goes full. And as the days roll along, especially with the 4 day rule, you will start to get a complete picture of how an endeavor, project, relationship is really looking in a big picture sort of way.

This is the Moon phase to bring things to the light!

At the very end of this phase and a day before we move into the Last Quarter Moon you can expect that you will get very tired! So there will be about 2 to 3 days or pretty intense fatigue.




This moon phase invites us to take stock of our past. This one is very much about looking back and checking out our progress and feeling things out with how we would like to improve or make changes. This is like a review where someone speaks up and gives their critique of a product they purchased. This is where something has already been created and you have it in your possession. You have already tried it out and NOW you are giving feedback.

So you are doing this in your life right now regarding something. This is not a sitting back energy though, as it is very much movement oriented. It is creating inspired movement that we will then start taking steps towards with the next New Moon that comes in 7 days. This is the time to appraise things.

This Moon phase is also debt related. You may be going back to collect money or are thinking about letting go of debt and how to transform your situation. We are wanting to let go of dead weight and drop things that are no longer making us happy in our life. Again, notice that this is the sort of energy that brings us a new inspiration, or new perspective with the New Moon that is about to arrive NEXT where we will plant new seeds to create a new path manifestation. This is a sort of ending before a NEW way that we may want to try out.

Be careful with launching projects at this time UNLESS you have already been talking about it and others KNOW of this thing you are bringing forward. Things that START and are brought to other’s awareness AT THIS POINT can experience an early death and not be seen at all, which will have your feelings of self-worth plummeting. However, if at a certain time the current Moon degree position falls magically in your chart, and it is in this last Quarter Moon, you CAN have success, but you need to talk about it right before the Full Moon! This is why I teach you how to work with these Moon phases and Moon placements in The Way of the Moon Journey because there IS a way to work with all the elements to discover the best times to launch things. If the stars have aligned with your chart, yet you are in a Moon phase like this one or the New Moon, there are still ways to make this work and to experience EXTREME SUCCESS through merely talking about your project BEFORE this moment in time. For me personally, I launched my business during this time because I was in a rush and not being patient. What happened was it didn’t take off until the First Quarter Moon, but then it went EPIC! And I have been busy since! So I rushed things, and that just forced me to have to wait anyway BUT it did not destroy my business.

Do understand that we are less aggressive at this time and more likely to create peace with others, so this is a great time to look back and truly see our side of an argument so that we can come forward and be more open to compromise.

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