Moon in Pisces

I am Pisces. I feel it ALL. I feel you, the neighbors, the pets, the pain in the world. I need to pull away and regather strength because it takes a toll to feel so much that isn't even mine. I am spiritual and have a strong intuitive sense that is letting me know who and what to trust. It takes me years to learn to trust the insight I receive, but when I do, I will make shocking moves that others aren't expecting me to do. I am not predictable and you may never be able to get your hands around me in order to define who I am. I may say I will do something, but you never know with me because I change on the dime, AS PER what I am feeling. My feelings do not lie and I can trust what I feel about others even if there is no physical proof. 



  • People tend to want to pull away and delve into art, or movies, music or all things that create a new environment. This is a space of creative imaginations blooming into otherworldly expressions.
  • People who buy into the illusion can feel very crazy with this moon and will think they are losing it; they may drink heavily to escape the demands of life.
  • Things tend to happen with water at this time, such as with floods or hurricanes or wild and unpredictable weather.People tend to not see very clearly and can get caught in the undertow of illusion! Things are not what they appear at this time!
  • People tend to attract situations that humble them and have them opening more to compassion and forgiveness of self and others. Arguments may arise that are purely all about the other person and not the one being attacked. Remember it is all illusion!



  • Follow your intuition and NOT your mind at this time! Your intuition is speaking the truth into secrets and hidden matters.
  • Make a movie! Do a painting! Draw a mandala! Be creative!
  • Make contact with your guides or the angels. Ask for guidance into a confusing situation or a health concern. Expect a miracle. Allow alone time for a retreat. Open your heart and forgive someone. Open your heart and forgive yourself!



Pisces is the fish and these guys are always swimming in two different directions. This IS being a spiritual person yet living in a material world. Here you can see the need to connect the metaphysical with the physical, which is shown through the middle line. This symbol is much easier to work with in these times. We all acknowledge the metaphysical world through doing tarot cards and talking with angels/guides and all that; decades ago delving so fully into these other realms was NOT acceptable, so there was an escape movement going on through using drugs and alcohol to keep these visions at bay. The point of this symbol is to believe in the magic and to bring that ability down to earth.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need to understand how to MANIFEST A DREAM that is metaphysical or otherworldly in nature. Use this symbol to BRING AWARENESS to something that is hard to grasp. Use this symbol to MANIFEST A MIRACLE or to bring something that feels out of reach into your life now. Use this symbol when you need to call in strength when FACING AN ADDICTION.



I am forgiving those who have hurt me.
I am becoming more psychic every day.
I am healing all addictions to food, sex, alcohol and drugs.
I do not need to escape.
I believe in myself and I know I have gifts to offer the world.
I commit to practicing yoga and mediation every single day.
I am pulling back in order to see clearer into this situation.
I am asking for my guides to speak through me and to me.

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