Moon in Libra

I am Libra. I see all the sides and am always working towards the best understanding. I do spend much time feeling confused because I see all sides of the picture. I am a good friend who always thinks of others when making purchases and I also reach out to all friends when trouble looms in my life. I am happiest in collaborations and tend to want to surround myself with sounding boards that help me to make the best decisions. 



  • People are very much wired for PEACE and COOPERATION and feeling like they want to hear people out and want to heal fractured situations.
  • This is THE most compromising energy when we tend to back down and lay down our arms.
  • This is a time of justice, so issues in the world that relate to things like equality and support of diversity come up at this time.
  • People will be wired to think about beautiful things and will be wanting to buy things for others and show tokens of love.
  • Many people have a hard time with this energy and instead of the peace aspect, they will be conflicted and want to take one side or the other. This can create a ME against YOU situation.
  • People tend to throw social gatherings or events during this moon energy, as coming together with others is in the air!
  • Relationships come to the forefront at this time. So people will be joining  mutually together whether in business or romance. This is also a time of departures when the journey has come to an end.



  • Host a gathering; say yes to invites; SOCIALIZE! Surround yourself with beautiful things like going to an art gallery, botanical gardens, museums, or even the park.
  • Wait until this moon energy to have deep discussions with others so that you have a better chance of coming together in mutual understanding and respect.
  • Share your love with others in some way. Buy gifts and reach out to tell them they are important to you. Make a commitment to SOMEONE or something.



Here you are seeing the scales of Libra. Think of always seeing all the sides of things. They see the positives and the negatives in ALL THINGS. They see the pros and they see the cons, but finally making a decision on their findings can be quite difficult. Imagine the loop up top as finally discovering the most high vibrating and the most honoring decision that comes from finally FEELING what is the best thing to do or decision to make. With this symbol, when you finally surrender into all the findings and then move into a meditative state, the answer comes as it floats to the surface. The mind figures out all the sides, but the surrender is required, along with the getting OUT of the mind in order for the answer or solution to rise to the surface.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you have gone back and forth trying to figure something out and have exhausted your brain. Go into this symbol and focus on the loop that is reaching up to the sky-- to the divine, to the magic --for the answer that is the best thing for you and this situation. Imagine that you are sitting there solid and grounded and waiting for this reading or higher inspired message of truth. Be anticipatory with this symbol! Only use this one when you have considered all sides and can’t make a decision. This symbol brings an answer for all the back and forth crazy making times.



The best and highest vibrating answer is coming to me from Spirit.

I am balancing my emotions.

I am making the best decision for me.

I am manifesting more peace, beauty and balance into my life.


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