Moon in Gemini

I am Gemini. I have so much to talk about and my desire to learn more never ends. I DO get confused with so much information and I always fear that I will be found out as NOT being as intelligent as I want you to see me as. I have two sides to my personality; one is full of light, while the other is the antithesis. I am ALWAYS in my head and trying to make sense of the world we live in. 



  • People tend to have drastic mood changes that seem rather bi-polar. They are OH SO HAPPY and then one thing happens and they get snappy or cranky.
  • People can be rushing around, similar to Aries, when they just want to go fast and GET THERE ALREADY.
  • People are doing lots of writing work or message sharing material. There is a lot to think about! Mental stimulation!
  • People are much more chatty and wanting to get something off their chest.
  • People tend to be scattered and all over the place and bouncing around doing many things at once.
  • This is more of a lighthearted sort of energy, so you should feel pretty carefree and more wanting to just have fun.

  • Don’t take anything too seriously at this time because this is storytelling energy, so it may be embellished or exaggerative.
  • People tend to have a lot on their mind at this time with new things making their way to awareness.


  • Collect and compile things at this time… collect data, collect information, collect feedback, collect suggestions. Network with others!
  • Make some time for play at this time! Stop and smell the roses.
  • Put in your notice at a job that is not working! This is the best time!
  • Start a writing project or delve into some new study. Do editing work to discover errors that you may have missed before.
  • Spend time out in nature connecting with the Earth. This is a rebooting time that comes FROM the energy of nature.



For this symbol, imagine the need to maintain balance of two very opposite personality expressions. We see two pillars that are also connected at the top and the bottom. Gemini, the sign of the twins, is very much about communications and sharing information. You can see in the symbol that they are receiving things from above and bringing them down to Earth (and vice versa), through the two sides of their personality.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you are trying to bridge arguments with someone else. Draw this symbol when you need to realize that that are two sides and two opinions in this equation. And as you draw the top and bottom line, imagine that you are bringing the differing opinions TOGETHER so that a new story is created that includes all perspectives. Also use this symbol when you need to create CLARITY of thoughts.



I am speaking with clarity so that others understand me.
I am full of energy and working on so many things today!
Words are abundantly flowing onto the paper.
I am clearly hearing what others are trying to say to me.
I am striking a balance between my opinions and others.

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