Moon in aspect to URANUS

This is another transit that tends to bring provocation from someone, BUT with this one, it tends to come at you and OUT OF THE BLUE. You will be given the chance to engage with this argument or to stand strong and move away without putting in your 2 cents or sharing your opinion.

But if you can’t hold back and you feel the need to engage and to share your opinion of what they throw your way, you WILL regret it! If you fight back, this will totally go insane and it will plague your attention for days. The best advice I can give you at this time is DO NOT ENGAGE. Walk away. All arguments at this time are INSANE. Walk away. This energy brings DISRUPTIONS.

Understand that things tend to fall away at this time, but know that they will liberate you and free your energy. And often a friend or someone who you thought was a friend falls away at this time. Trust this and do not bend over backwards to hold onto them because something was happening behind the scenes that was not honoring of you. Let them go. We are not to take people into our life who harbor secret hatred or envy of us, and likely this one separates you from someone who was feeling those emotions in some way. At this time you will likely NOT feel happy with something going on with friends, family, or something out in the world.



For this symbol, we see something similar to the Pisces symbol, which is about integrating the metaphysical with the physical and then connecting them. And then with this Uranus symbol we see a line going down to a completed circle.

This is us being grounded to Earth and knowing who we are and then sending that energy up an antenna, basically broadcasting this balanced state of BEING spiritual people while living in a material world. This planet is really putting it out there that we are spiritual ones who are still staying grounded with the truth and not getting too airy-fairy with it all.

Uranus is also very much about standing up for what is right and just. You can see this symbol as a person who is picketing for change as they are holding up a sign with the message of needed balance in this off-balance world of ours. This symbol is very much about “putting it out there” and also “keeping it real.”



Use this symbol when you need to feel confident with who you are, especially when you are being opposed by many others! This one brings STRENGTH TO SELF with building you up to feel okay and KNOWING you are pioneering a new way of living life and that means people may oppose you or question you. When you know you are doing the best thing, but others oppose it, work with this symbol.



I know who I am and I know I am doing the correct thing.
I am standing strong on this issue.
My ideas are genius, even though they are ahead of the times.
I trust that my ideas will be mainstream in the near future.
I am a leader showing others the way.
I follow my heart with my decisions; I don’t need anyone to validate that.
I may walk alone right now, but that will not always be the case.
I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I trust myself.

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