Moon in aspect to RISING SIGN

This one fully depends on the self-care and downtime you allowed into your life for the 12th house retreat! If you pushed yourself too much and did not honor the retreat, then you will be VERY crabby and irritable at this time. You will say things like “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” And everything out in the world will feel very violating and uncomfortable. All you can do now is wait it out and keep moving forward. This will be a lesson to you that you MUST honor the 12th house retreat, as this can be similar to staying up all night before a big event and then being tired from lack of sleep, OR, honoring this natural cycle and getting rest and taking time for sleep so that then you have all this energy FOR the big event.

Remember that with the whole cycle, the Chart Wheel Journey begins with THIS TRANSIT. So if you have not honored the last transit, which was the retreat and downtime of the 12th house, then you are starting a cycle with no juice and no energy, and you are apt to experience a month journey that did not start on the best footing.

This time tends to be very sensitive or moody where you are really showing yourself clearly to others, or you will feel very much like the empath and very sensitive to others’ moods and emotions. You can be showing yourself in a very roller coaster emotional way. If you have been playing your cards correctly through the houses before, you will notice that others are very in tune to your compassionate heart at this time! People notice you and they comment on how kind and considerate you are. You may be doing things that are FOR others, and you will do so because it is the right thing to do and because it feels good.


THE RISING SIGN REPRESENTS how you want to be seen by others and what their first impression is of you.


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