Moon in aspect to PLUTO

This one can be a pretty heavy-duty transit for many people! This is the one which is most characteristic of creating the feeling of wanting to die, or give up, or leave this “cruel” world. This transit tends to really affect sensitive people and have them feeling like they just can’t take it anymore and do not want to be alive.

Now there are three Moon transits that I notice more than any others and they are Uranus, Pluto and Chiron. Many of you have Uranus and Pluto pretty close together, so what happens is that the Moon travels over our Uranus and throws us off balance, and then the Pluto journey throws us to the depth and often into despair.

BUT do know that they tend to play off of each other, so often how you handle one determines how you will experience the next one. So I would recommend keeping your eyes closely on these transits and be aware and follow the guidelines that you are reading about in this book. So with Uranus, do no react! And with Pluto, do not take it to be the be-all and end-all. There IS light after this one and you JUST need to hold that knowing and trust in your heart.

Also you need to RIDE both of the Uranus and Pluto waves, and ride them with grace. Because if you don’t, they tend to linger through many more houses in your chart and you will go through days of feeling miserable and wanting to die. Also remember that when in the house, DEAL WITH IT. But when the Moon moves, your focus also needs to move!You may be focused on cleanliness and dirt at this time and will want to put things in order or let go of the clutter. You will tend to feel DEEP feelings about WHATEVER you are engaged in at this time. This can be passion though and also a very powerful vision of your purpose in life!



Pluto has two symbols. I usually use the one that looks like a P for Pluto, but the other one actually shows the symbolism for Pluto even better. So again we have the cross on the bottom needing to connect us to the Earth and to our grounded space in life, and then we have the same antenna that are focused upward towards the divine, into the mystery. But inside of this you see a completed circle that is not attached to anything, yet it is sort of cradled and kept safe within the outreaches that are focused towards spirit and the divine. This means it is sacred, and the lessons Pluto brings into our lives are to be seen as sacred acts, even if they do seem to rock us to the core.

The first symbol for Pluto represents the actions of Pluto, as it can be seen as this big bomb that is dropping into our world and smashing us flat! Pluto is the most heavy hitting planet, which can throw us off balance overnight. We may look out and feel like we have lost everything. He tends to turn our lives upside down in the blink of an eye with things like death, fire, bombs, destruction, and dis-ease. He throws us so off balance at times where we feel we are on the ground begging for mercy. He often makes us want to give up and think that death is the only way to handle the cards we are dealt. But you see in the second symbol that the completed circle is cradled between our connection to spirit, and it is further being held up by the holy cross, kind of like a trophy.



Use this symbol to assist you through the TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS. When things are falling away, people are dying, and the world you thought you could count on is slipping between your fingers, work with Pluto. He wants to bring you to a higher perspective and to know he never wants to hurt you. He only wants to transform you to your highest expression. Death is a natural part of life, and it always brings a REBIRTH. Use this symbol to move into the surrender of acceptance so that rebirth can come next. Use this symbol for support in understanding the higher purpose of devastating situations. Focus on the completed circle and FEEL that there IS something to this that you just don’t understand yet. Or focus on the flattening of the P symbol and think of a building being destroyed to build a BETTER one on top of it. Visualize the BETTER beginning of what you have lost. This means that which does not kill us only makes us stronger, and this planet is about POWER. The challenging circumstances you have had to walk in life are grooming you for the powerful impact you will make on others’ lives. With this planet, everything that falls away and burns out of your life IS for your best, but you won’t see that right away. There are always rewards that return to us WHEN we can come to this attitude adjustment, this surrender, which is why this is up in the mind area of trusting spirit and trusting the powers that be. The reward from Pluto comes after deep surrender.



I will rise again, better than ever. My story is not over.
I trust that a rebirth is coming from this situation.
I trust that this situation is a part of my souls purpose learning.
I am not afraid of death. I am the Phoenix Rising.
When things leave my life, they are making the space for something new.
There is a great purpose for my incarnation this time around. And so it is.

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