Moon in aspect to NORTH NODE

This transit tends to bring many meetings with people. This can be where you are attracting people who can benefit your purpose or further you along the path of your dreams. Understand that you LIKELY will also attract people who have you questioning your purpose or your gifts! They may do or say things that have you doubting your path or doubting if you are really good at what you are doing. Something for sure may show up where you feel uncertain or insecure in your career. If this happens, go to the humble space and ask what this means. You may need to change something about your approach. You may even need to apologize for something done in the past. This is important! Be humble with it! No fighting or needing to be right.

Do know that this energy may also reveal someone who is NOT good for your energy or your life path! You may feel they are envious or doing something hidden that is working against you. Your instincts WILL be very strong at this time though! Trust what you feel about someone



This is your destiny path. This is the path you are to follow in order to live out your dreams. With this symbol, the completed form of the circles represents our past and future. We see where we have come from, and we feel where we will be going. With this symbol we are focused on moving forward and moving upward with our dreams. This one is helping us to co-create with spirit as the dreams of our future have not yet occurred, so we must visualize and use our intentions to bring them to fruition. When drawing this symbol, think of what steps you need to do to move onto the path of your dreams. Think of them blossoming and growing and sailing out like a balloon into the sky to be manifested in your future. Imagine that you are putting your dreams into the symbol and letting them sail up in order to match up with the opportunities that will bring your dreams into reality. This is uncharted territory as it is not a road that is familiar, so you must be brave with this symbol.



Use this symbol when you are focused on questions that relate to WHAT AM I HERE TO DO? Work with this symbol while thinking of what you learned from your childhood, what you so naturally do and also what you LOVE to do. Ponder those things while drawing this symbol and imagine the upside down U is holding the secrets for exactly what you are here to do! Ask for images. Ask for a path to form before your eyes. Ask for the vision of your DREAM JOB to form in your mind. What does it look like? What are the details of the perfect job where you could use all your gifts? Also use this symbol when you are wanting to go to greater heights in your dream job and are wanting insight into how to expand or do more with your soul’s purpose.



I am living my Soul’s Calling.
I am making a living from my gifts.
I am opening to the path that will show me what I am here to do.
I am going back into my childhood to understand how THAT TIME was grooming me for my Soul’s Purpose.

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