Moon in aspect to NEPTUNE

During this time something may come to confuse you! This one often brings situations that you cannot figure out or understand what is really going on. You may feel swimmy in the head because you just don’t know how to read what is going on. What is this? What am I feeling? What am I picking up on? One reason for this is that you are VERY sensitive to other people’s energy with this transit and you will OFTEN be picking up on other’s secret motives or hidden emotions.

Things are different on the surface at this time, so that may confuse you as you FEEL one thing but are seeing another. You may be sensitive to the shortcomings of others and will feel judgmental. Let that go and erase those thoughts. Instead, move into compassion. Often though, the confusing time is happening ONLY to make you go silent and to go within and meditate! It is like a catalyst to draw you home! You will benefit at this time when you can be alone and ALSO with water! This is a great time to get away and go to the hot springs or to soak in the bath with nurturing oils and scents.

This is also a great time to plan for a holiday or retreat away from the hustle of life. This is also a personal gateway opening for you where it will be easy to call in the spirits, to speak with the dead, or to just talk with your guides. This is one day every month when the veils are thin, so you are encouraged to plan for this transit and to make the time to communicate and do a ritual to bring in answers to things that are confusing you.



For this symbol, we see the emphasis is focused on all things upward. This symbol is all about focusing to the metaphysical, to the mystery, to the divine, to meditation, to stillness, to going within, and then allowing that upward focus to flow through us and to show us a new way to live our lives. The cross, again, shows up at the bottom as it is anchoring us into the ground but at that North point we are fully hooked up to receiving guidance and inspiration from other sources. To draw the symbol, first make a big cross and then swoop down with the U. As you draw this symbol, imagine that you are plugging yourself into the higher realms. As you contemplate this symbol, see yourself opening to higher wisdom coming from your guides, the angels or spirit.



Use this symbol to CONNECT WITH SPIRIT, to YOUR GUIDES, and to THE ANGELS. This can be a doorway symbol or a way to call in higher knowing. To access the wisdom of your guides or the angels, write out the question that you want guidance on and then draw an entire row of this Neptune symbol as you imagine them showing up to start bringing the guidance through your crown. Imagine when you have finished drawing this line of symbols that you are turned on and that with the final symbol the words will start flowing through you. Next, write the answer that has just flooded into your mind. This is the symbol to work with when you are CONFUSED about something and need divine inspiration.



I am open to an answer from Spirit.
I call in my guides and angels to speak to me through this pen.
I am making time for meditation every day.
I am learning more about my path and my purpose through meditation.
I am made of stardust; I am a divine spark of life.

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